How to get the best deals for summer

My summer shopping list

I try not be an impulsive shopper. I try to have an ongoing  list of items we need which I adhere to, rather than just impulsively purchasing something because it is good value. I have a couple of reasons for doing this, firstly my house is pretty small and has been really cluttered in the past, I have to be careful not to over purchase. I also need to watch my money. We want to move, within the next year or two, so need to get some savings put away.

So I have a shopping list for summer…and here it is

  1. Garden table and chairs
  2. Few new outfits for the children
  3. New bikes for F and A
  4. New bedding for all of us

Now I have my list the important thing is to keep my eye out for a bargain.

vintage bike, How to get the best deals for summer

I do rather love this gorgeous vintage bike from The Studio

How to grab a bargain


When it comes to being a savvy shopper you need to have a few things to hand, patience is one of them as is tenacity. If you are going to go down the pre loved route then online auctions such as ebay and selling sites such as Gumtree are your friends, as are your local papers and Facebook selling groups. But you need to not snap up the first thing you find that resembles what you want. Have a good look around the site, get a feel for the bargains and keep checking till you find exactly what you want at the best price. You don’t have to compromise on choice because you are buying pre loved.

Discount codes

Other ways to grab a  bargain are to scan the internet widely for a good price and whilst you are browsing do search for voucher codes and discount codes too. It really can make a big difference to the price you end up paying.

A voucher code for The Studio would certainly help with the price of that lovely bike above!. It costs £130.99  which is a good price in the first place but a relevant voucher/discount code can take that down even further. A quick search and I have found a voucher for  5% off and free postage.  Now that make a difference! Always worth checking for voucher codes.

This Egyptian cotton bedding would be just perfect for us and our calm and neutral bedroom. It has already been reduced from nearly £50 to £20 at The Studio. Adding in a voucher code too would make that a real bargain.

egyptian cotton

Useful questions to ask yourself

I am not a massive fan of shopping but I do know a tiny bit of effort made infinding a good deal can make savings for you that soon add up .Good shopping habits are well worth developing. You almost need to make yourself a little pre purchase check list:

Do you need it?

Could you do without it?

Could you use something you already have?

Do you really want it?

Could you buy this pre loved?

Could you borrow it?

Where is it for sale at the cheapest price? ( I do a price comparison online in Google )

Is there a discount for voucher code available for this?

It’s not going to take more than 20 minutes to whizz through this list of questions but the money you could potentially save would certainly be worth the time and effort. The more you practice answering these questions before you make a purchase the more you could save.

Good shopping habits
Habits can really make a difference to your shopping practices and spending generally and good habits are well worth developing. Over at the Frugal Family blog thrifty blogger and frugal queen Cass Bailey has just sheared a great post entitled Five habits that are leaving you with no money at the end of the month…. it is well worth a read.

Habits can be hard to break so make sure yours are thrifty ones!

The benefits of shopping online

Online shopping is just so convenient isn’t it? Items are delivered to your door saving you so much time.  I also find when I shop online I don’t get so easily swayed by other items in the shop, I stay a lot more focussed. And I don’t end up gong out for lunch, or at the very least, coffee and cakes!

I like  to buy as much as I can from one online store, so I don’t have to stay in for lots and lots of deliveries but can get my packages delivered all together. I also find this can really reduce postage costs too.


I do hope that this advice helps YOU get the best deals this summer and also helps you develop good shopping habits for life.


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