Don’t Hide It, Laser It – the Benefits of Laser Hair removal

Today let’s take a look at the many benefits of Laser Hair removal

Benefits of Laser Hair removal

Benefits of Laser Hair removal

Lasers have become a boon for those in the queue for unwanted hair removal. Amidst a lot of talks, it has been assessed that laser hair removal can allow you to get rid of unwanted hair up to 90-95% for most skin types. Though there are a lot of precautions, observations and detailed discussions required before you begin each session.

For starters getting rid of unwanted hair is rather different for both men and women. Thus the areas that need the laser to be most effective are also different. Barring the area around the eyes, most of the hair can be nipped with the help of laser therapy. Here are the factors one may need to consider for effective laser hair removal.

1)      The number of sessions may vary from person to person. There are other factors like skin type, the amount of hair to be nipped, hair colour, texture, genetics and hormonal imbalance that need to be monitored for successful laser hair removal.

2)      While these hold true in most cases, the number of sessions would also vary. There are some patients that would need about six sessions while some others might need eight.

3)      Most often the results are similar for front bikini area, fine lip hair. Beard hair for men in that light may be a challenge as compared to procedures done for women

4)      Factors like hormonal fluctuations could also hamper the progress of a laser hair removal procedure. The span of time that takes for the hair to re-grow is determined by individual hormones.


Benefits of Laser Hair removal

What is the average length of each session?

Most hair roots are eliminated within the first fortnight to twenty days. This again would depend on the area that has been worked on by the laser. Observation for the new hair growth will be the best way to mark your next appointment. Usually, second and third treatments need close to 4-8 weeks for a session to begin. However, it is advisable to avoid waiting for too long between cycles. Hair follicles usually determine the pace at which hair grows. In case you wait to linger you may miss this period. Most sessions are done during the growth stage; also known as the anagen stage. This is because not all hair grows back for treatment during the subsequent growth stages; referring to the telogen and catagen phases.

The hair growth has a cycle of its own and it’s not necessary that all of them are instantly uprooted from their base. A specialist always prescribes person undergoing laser hair removal to administer a close shave for most effective results.


What are the risks involved?

Upfront, patients need to understand that a laser hair removal session is a long one. And that it is not always you would view immediate results. Besides, you will need to research on the expert handling your skin. With the right technical help at hand, minimal sun exposure and complete adherence to all the pros and cons, you may be able to get the results of your choice.

While laser hair removal has its huge advantages, patients need to observe that there is a possibility of certain reactions such as redness, swelling, and follicular oedema (quite similar to goosebumps). These take their own time to fade, from a few minutes to a few hours but the effects of the session are always welcoming. If you are willing to shell out a little more than your budget, you are likely to get your money’s worth with of course the right technician at hand. Bear in mind all the risks and precautions before and after your sessions for great effects.


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