Healthy Eating Habits for Kids and How to Instil Them


Let’s take a look today at healthy eating habits for kids and how we can instil these in our children in fun and light-hearted ways they will want to keep up.


Healthy Eating Habits for Kids


Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

One of the most valuable lessons you can teach your children is not how to read and write – important as these skills are. If you can educate your children to eat healthfully, they will have learned a lesson that will last them through life and serve them well. Here’s how to raise healthy eaters.

Start early

It’s never too early to start with healthy eating. Once your baby is weaned, feed him a variety of foods, with the accent on savory rather than sweet foods. Children are not born with a sweet tooth – it develops through the foods they are given, and, by the time they can make their own choices, the sweet habit is well established.

Set a good example when shopping

If your child goes shopping with you, resist the urge to fill the cart with unhealthy foods. Otherwise, your child will see this as a natural part of the weekly diet. It’s okay to put in a packet of biscuits, as long as Junior realizes it’s a treat, not a main meal choice.


Healthy Eating Habits for Kids



Get fruity

Rather than sugary desserts, offer fresh fruit or yogurt for dessert. If your child is still hungry, he’ll eat what’s on offer. As with all sugary or fatty foods, desserts should be an occasional treat, rather than making a regular appearance on the menu.


Let them see a meal in progress.

As soon as it’s safe to do so, let your children help in the kitchen. Show them how to cut off excess fat from meat, and impress on them the need to eat plenty of vegetables. Demonstrate healthy cooking methods and keep frying to a minimum. A little psychology may help here. If your child is keen on football, tell him his favorite player is so successful because he eats lots of carrots, broccoli – or whatever food your child isn’t too keen on. It works, honestly!


Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Set a good example

You can’t expect your child to eat healthily if they always see you stuffing your face with cakes, biscuits, and fries. If you must have that doughnut, indulge yourself when there are no witnesses. Children learn best by example, and unfortunately, they learn from both good and bad examples.


Lighten up!

Don’t allow yourself or your children to become obsessed with healthy eating. It’s okay to splurge once in a while because that will stop any cravings. We all want something if it’s forbidden, but if we can have it occasionally, it’s not a big deal any longer. Moderation in all things is a good maxim to live by, and it’s quite the opposite when it comes to healthy eating.


Follow these tips, and you will raise a family of healthy eaters. Remember, we should eat to live, rather than live to eat!


Healthy Eating Habits for Kids are really important to instil – do you have any to add?


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