Why Choose Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery?


Let’s consider – why choose Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair loss can have a number of causes but regardless of what triggers it, this condition can severely lower self-confidence levels, both in men and in women. When it comes to suitable procedures for a hair transplant, Turkey is a world-famous location that offers a wide range of services and hosts a large number of clinics that specialize in follicular unit extraction. Here are a few reasons why Turkey is a great destination for hair transplant surgery.


Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery


Why Choose Turkey for Hair Transplant Surgery?


High-quality services

A very large number of clinics in Turkey have accreditations and employ specialists with important experience in the field of hair restoration. Patients are often recommended to undergo the follicular unit extraction, or FUE, procedure, because of the high degree of precision, natural results with no scars and quick recovery, as well as a minimum level of pain and discomfort. In Turkey, you can easily find a clinic that welcomes foreign patients and that will offer this advanced procedure for hair restoration.


Low prices

Second to its large number of clinics and specialists, the country is also known for its low prices for these particular procedures. The lower costs do not mean low quality or outdated medical equipment. On the contrary, Turkey has modern hair restoration clinics were patients will be happy to find complete services and reasonable prices, allowing them to make important savings of as much as 2,000 US dollars in some cases.

Quick procedure

Follicular unit extraction is a popular hair restoration method because it allows for very natural results. During this procedure, individual hair follicles extracted from the donor are transplanted one by one. This means that there are no large visible scars and that the recovery period is usually very short. What’s more, because Turkey has such a developed medical infrastructure and a large number of hair restoration clinics, there is virtually no waiting list.


Bonus: visit the country

With a little bit of planning in advance, your trip to Turkey for a hair restoration procedure can extend to a proper vacation. Many people who come to Istanbul decide to spend a few more days here and discover bits of this culturally diverse city.


Improving your self-image and increasing your self-confidence are the top reasons why you should consider exploring the available options for a hair transplant. Turkey can be the right choice for you. We recommend that you talk to your treating physician or another specialist before signing up for any type of procedure.



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