How to give up shampoo and have happy hair


Let’s think about ow to give up shampoo and have happy hair

I have long admired Lucy AitkenRead, she has big dreams, thoughts and ideals and she puts them into practice.

I also admire her for her rather lovely hair.

In fact when I first met her (at an awards ceremony) she had it in a sort of 40’s updo and it looked amazing. I told her I thought it looked fabulous and she said ‘I don’t use shampoo’ rather proudly . (not the comment I was expecting at all) I was intrigued…why wasn’t it dull or a bit on earth was it so glossy and healthy looking? I was intrigued.

Lucy been travelling New Zealand and Europe over the past two years with a teeny tiny baby and a toddler and not only has she remained resolutely cheerful she has also continued to not wash her hair and at last she shares her secrets on how to go No Poo! (shampoo that its, not the other) .


New book published on No Poo

How to give up shampoo

Lucy is an excellent writer, her amazing blog Lulastic and Wonderthrift attest to that. She is funny, direct, speaks in an easy language we can all relate too and she is clear. This ebook is an easy, informative read that will also make you giggle.

Happy Hair covers the science of “No Poo” and has over thirty natural, gentle alternatives to commercial hair care products..many of them you will already have in you cupboards

Not using shampoo has many obvious benefits for us thrifty types but it is also better for the environment and our hair too (and according to some reports for eczema too!) . So its a win win win situation.

Lucy’s book is a great read and it is inspiring and convincing.

Would you go ‘no poo?’ Why not give it a try.

Available on kindle through amazon


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  1. August 20, 2014 / 2:01 pm

    Is it really possible to give up shampoo and have happy hair?

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