10 Tips for Hair Care on a Budget


Today –  tips for hair care on a budget


tips for hair care on a budget

Tips for hair care on a budget

Are you looking for tips for hair care on a budget?

I love my hair to look nice but I often find that it is an expensive process to keep on top off.

For a start, I have very frizzy hair that I have to condition with every wash. Cheap products just don’t seem to work so well and i need nourishing and moisturising conditioners. I also have a lot of grey now so regular colouring is a must for me. Haircare seems to have got increasingly expensive as I have got older.

But there are, I know, always ways to budget. Here are some of my top tips for hair care on budget. Hope they help!

10 tips for hair care on a budget

  1. Don’t over-process your hair, straightening and blow-drying, curling and crimping dry out hair and require more products so leave it au naturelle to dry when you can and you will use less.
  2. Experiment with products, some will suit your hair much better than others and it’s not always about how much they cost it’s about what is right for you.
  3. Wear a hat or leave in conditioner in the sunshine as sun damage is hard on hair and requires lots of products to put right
  4. When it comes to hair loss you want to really consider your options and take a good look at wigs vs hair transplant cost dont just assume you know which is the most cost effective.
  5. Mobile hairdressers are often cheaper as they don’t have the same overheads costs as salon based counterparts.
  6. Home colouring is way cheaper but you need to be careful with this. If going lighter I really would not recommend it!
  7. A great way to fall back in love with your hair, rather than splashing out on a new cut or styling products, is to try a new style. There are brilliant you tube tutorials for braids and up do’s and even just changing your parting can help you ring in the changes rather than hitting the salon.
  8. When it comes to DIY you could also have a go at making your own dry shampoo
  9.  Student hairdressers will save you SO much money and they always need models. It is well worth contacting your local hairdressing college to see what is available – perhaps avoid anything too drastic till you know the student well.
  10. A great shower cap can prolong your blow-dry and is an inexpensive and useful investment

Bonus tip!  Budget hair care  is simple if you just change your diet – have a look at my post on food for hair growth

Over to you for your tips for hair care on a budget

Do you have any other ‘great hair care on a budget’ tips? If you do I would really love to hear them.


hair care on a budget




I do hope you have enjoyed this post on tips for hair care on a budget.

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