Cute Baby Boys Clothes

How have you gotten on trying to find cute baby boys clothes? We spend lot of time these days choosing unusual boys names but their clothes are not often as interesting

Baby girls clothes are always so cute and colourful, sweet sophisticates, pretty , trendy fancy or cool. You see such a range of baby girl clothes you are almost spoil for choice.

But oh my when it comes to baby boys we are talking neural or blue and samey samey aren’t we and it is a shame.

Us baby boy mamas want our little guys to look fabulous too! I got huge pleasure out of dressing both my kids in soft warm and cosy clothes but also in beautiful clothes that looked amazing. It was definitely much harder to do this with a boy. All my friends with boys agreed with me too.


Cute Baby Boys Clothes

I guess you just have to know where to shop if you are looking for great clothes for baby boys.

Let my show you a selection of truly lovely boy baby clothes



Cute Baby Boys Clothes

Check out these socks, aren’t they just the sweetest? I love the little hedgehogs. These would work for both boys or girls and oh they are absolutely adorable!



Take a look at this little denim set  I just love it. The rock star baby boy look!



Aren’t the little booties cute. The leggings look so soft and oh the top! Such an original looking outfit.


Fun & Cute Baby Boys Clothes

Baby boy clothes don’t need to be plain either. In fact there is no reason why they cannot be thematic and fun like lots of girls outfits are. This sweet crab romper is just perfect for those beautiful beach days with your baby boy.

I love the pop of orange against the more sedate white and blue too.


Cute Baby Boys Clothes




If you are looking for a cute outfit for your baby boy to wear at Christmas then look no further. Wouldn’t this look fabulous in your photos? And your baby will be way too young to  protest that you are dressing them up.

I think a little elf baby will look amazing and this is a perfect pass on outfit too. It will probably only get worn for the one one Christmas for a few weeks and it is unisex too. A family heirloom perhaps!


You might also like to take a look at this post on how to make your baby’s first Christmas special


Boys clothes can be just as sweet as girls and this little zebra outfit is proof of that.

I think the little printed jacket is juts lovely, don’t you? The perfect little outfit for a cute baby play-date.


Cute Baby Boys Clothes



All the featured cute baby boys clothes are from the lovely store Guineys


Cute Baby Boys Clothes is a collaborative post 


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