How To Select And Install Hang Wallpaper For Kids Room

How To Select And Install Hang Wallpaper For Kids Room


Beautiful wall coverings are a simple way to convert a child’s room from drab and uninspiring to a place they’ll want to spend time in. As you might expect, the best kids’ bedroom wallpaper ideas are full of character. They’re usually lighthearted and easygoing, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of them adding style or even complementing the rest of your home’s design.

Using a variety of colors and lively patterns to stimulate young brains is a terrific way to do so, while older youngsters will leap at the chance to show their creativity with a spectacular design of their own choosing. Here’s how to choose and install the right wallpaper for your kids.


  • Have fun with bold color and pattern

With a clean geometric wallpaper design and a strong backdrop color, keep kids’ rooms classy but exciting. Combine with a vibrant rug and cushions for an added blast of color.


  • Foster a love of nature with a forest print

A nature-inspired children’s bedroom wallpaper print will provide some escapism while also piquing their interest in animals and plants. Consider the walls as a way to not only entertain and excite your audience, but also to educate them.


  • Add a little texture for a multi-dimensional effect
  • Textured wallpapers are a fun and practical way to add visual interest to a tiny space. Their tactile appearance will appeal to children. Choose a bright choice for younger children’s rooms and a monochrome one for older children’s rooms.


  • Go coastal

If your kids adore the seaside, use a coastal theme wallpaper to transport them back to those idyllic family summer trips spent eating ice cream and playing in the sand.

  • Clash of the prints

Pastels are a timeless favorite in children’s rooms. For an eclectic look, pair it with a more neutral-colored but still busy-looking wallpaper print.


  • Pick a wallpaper to match your child’s interests

When children become enamored with something, whether it’s animals, vehicles, or playing nurse, they can’t get enough of it. With a matching wallpaper, encourage them to participate in their favorite hobbies.

  • Choose a bold print for a statement wall

It’s a lot of fun to decorate kids’ rooms because patterns and colors don’t have to match. A vibrant geometric print will satisfy your child’s love of vivid colors. By wallpapering only one statement wall, you can play around with different patterns. Any soon-to-be teenagers will like the space’s mature atmosphere.


  • Inspire their drawing skills

Choose a monochrome print wallpaper if you like a more modest design in neutral tones. It can still be playful and exciting, but it won’t overshadow a simple children’s room.


  • Dinosaur colors

An abstract print that takes up on those gorgeous tones will appeal to their love of dinosaurs (as well as your love of earthy colors). This terrazzo print would also look great in the rooms of older children and will appeal to children who enjoy drawing and painting. For a classy design that will fit with most furniture sets, select a wallpaper with a neutral background color.


  • An educational map mural design

What better method to teach your children about the global map than to hang it on the wall? The light blue background is a plus because it goes with almost any bedroom decor.


  • Step-by-step how to hang a wallpaper for kids room


  • Using the straight edge and spirit level, make a pencil mark and then draw a plumb line – a vertical straight line. Hang the first drop of wallpaper against it and make sure it’s straight; the initial drop is crucial because it’ll set the tone for the rest of the installation.


  • Directly apply wallpaper paste to the wall. Paste over the plumb line and a few centimeters wider than the wallpaper you’re about to hang; this way, you won’t have to worry about applying paste over the initial drop of wallpaper.


  • Apply paste to the top of the wall, around any sockets, and slightly above the skirting with a paintbrush. This will guarantee that challenging sections are covered evenly. Make sure the paper is in the right place, then brush it down from the center to the roll’s edges. With your Stanley knife, trim the excess paper from the top and bottom.


  • If you’re using patterned wallpaper, look for the spot where the design comes together around the edges for the second drop.


  • Rep until you’ve completely covered the region.

Designing a child’s room may be a lot of fun, especially if the children who will be utilizing the space are engaged in choosing their favorite wallpaper colors and patterns. With the help of this guide, you should be able to narrow down and select the ideal wallpapers for your home.


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