Protective Family Flooring is All About Vinyl

Starting a family within the home is a significant life-changing event not just for you as an adult. It changes your routines and your activities as well as the outlook on what your home needs are.

Some aspects of your home and life need to change instantly, and some even gradually. Suddenly it is all about baby gates, monitors, cot assembling and choosing the right products for everything you can think of. In parenting, your home suddenly requires security, design and practicality.

Then you have to consider all of the various baby messes that start to occur. Food, drink, accidents – all turn your home upside down with your carpet becoming the biggest victim.



The best protective use for your floor would be to turn to a product like luxury vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is a market leader for a reason; it’s very good at lasting long amounts of time with very little effort in maintaining.

Vinyl such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has been manufactured in revolutionary designs with protective measures such as stain and scratch resistance, perfect consideration for those little ones of yours in making vinyl planks and tiles extremely comfortable underfoot. With a cushioned bounce against items that would usually shatter on impact, Luvanto flooring means that accidents such as thrown plates and drinks won’t cause damage to a greater extent.

Vinyl flooring also incorporates 100 per cent waterproof safeguarding, meaning no spilt drinks will soak through damaging the subfloor.


Easy Clean

Every parent has experienced the spaghetti nightmares of being on the tray one minute and within seconds it is all over the floor. This leaves carpets with a lasting stain as the sauce is notorious for remaining on everything from clothes to baby trays.

Luxury vinyl flooring is the easiest of cleaning options as simple household products like a quick mop can turn your floor back to normal with no evidence of a dinner time crime occurring. As soon as it has happened it can be cleaned with a quick wipe and it’s back to business as usual.




One of the greatest appeals of luxury vinyl flooring is that you are not stuck for designs when it comes to providing a great looking and safe floor. There are many great designs from wood to stone to slate which look just like the real hardwood or stone and can be laid in many different styles and patterns.

When it comes to providing a protected floor for playing, crawling and messy times, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a firm family favourite.


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