How to Be An Eco-Parent!

Being a parent is a big enough challenge to face without having to worry about the impact you have on the planet.

 But being an eco-parent doesn’t have to be difficult or super complicated, in fact even the smallest changes can have the biggest difference and increase your eco credentials while giving your children to best opportunity to grow up healthy on a better planet.

 It might not be at the top of the list when it comes to parenting, but it can be simple to put the planet at the forefront of parenthood.


How to Be An Eco-Parent!


Changing to change the planet

Nappy changing plays a huge role in parenthood, especially early on. Choosing the right nappies can be pivotal – not just for your little one, but for you and the planet, too.

It’s now possible to be more eco conscious when it comes to the changing table thanks to things like biodegradable bamboo nappies, which have very little impact on the planet once they’ve been used.

Most nappies end up on landfills for years, however bamboo nappies break down naturally, leaving less waste on Earth, while still maintaining all the key components you need from a good nappy.


Homemade baby food

Save on pesky packaging and reduce your carbon footprint by cooking from scratch instead.

Batch cook a load of meals and freeze them, so you always have food ready to go, or offer your baby super simple finger foods like strips of toast or carrot batons.

Homemade food is much healthier than the packaged variety, too. You have full control over the sugar and salt content and you can sneak in a variety of fruits and veg for nutritional gains.


Borrow from friends

Realistically, your baby and little ones don’t need brand new clothes, especially given that they’ll most likely grow out of them in a few months!

Think about borrowing or taking second-hand clothes from friends. Not only does this reduce the amount of new material and manufacturing needed for something brand new, it also teaches your kids the value of reusing things and being more sustainable.


How to Be An Eco-Parent!

Green clean!

It’s almost a certainty that having kids will cause chaos when it comes to keeping clean, especially around the house.

One of the best things you can do as an eco-parent is to avoid the use of harsh cleaning products containing chemicals and opt for a more natural approach instead.

Use ‘green clean’ branded products which tend to avoid using unnatural ingredients and unrecyclable packaging. Or better yet – use homemade cleaners made from things like lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar to negate your effect on the Earth even further! Plus, you won’t need to deal with the

It may seem like a bit of an afterthought, but caring about the planet is a great way to teach your children to do the same. If our kids can be educated on the impact they have on the planet and how they can reduce it, we can hopefully safeguard its health for years to come.


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