How to Crayon on Glass

Let’s take a look today at how to crayon on glass

We were sent some lovely products from Stabilo to celebrate National Stationery Week.  National Stationery Week, runs from the 24th April – 30th April 2017 and it’s about enjoying, using and celebrating all things stationery.

I just love stationery don’t you? I love the imagination that great stationery unleashes in our kids and encourages them to put pen to paper and get off the screens!


How to crayon on glass

The Woody 3-in-1’s as they are great for the kids, they are a water colour, wax crayon and coloured pencil in one and can write on pretty much any surface and be rubbed off easily leaving no nasty smudges etc. My kids had a great time writing on our conservatory doors and drawing pictures and it really did clean off the glass easily.

Brilliant fun!

Stabilo also sent me some point max nylon tip pens. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous. They have fast drying water based ink and a unique nylon tip which produces bold crisp lines, Lovely for clear line drawings and writing – my daughter adored these and me too! 



Stabilo also sent these lovely 68’s a premium felt tip set

I have been buying cheap supermarket pens for ages, I cannot tell you how absolutely brilliant it was to use quality products again. It had reignited my love of god stationery and these are the quality items I want my kids to have.




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  1. John
    May 1, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    Our kids LOOOOVE Stabilo! Especially the Point Max!! These days it’s hard to get them to stop drawing and creating new and imaginative, and colorful stories!!
    Great post!!! Love the page!! Just found it on the Huff Post!! Congrats!!

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