How writing a journal can help kids

Today – How writing a journal can help kids

From making sense of messed up ideas or healing from intense emotions, journaling has been recommended by many mental health experts today, and guess what- it can help your kids too! Keep reading to discover how journaling can help your kids grow, transform and be more emotionally stable, and why you need to make it a part of your little one’s life.


How writing a journal can help kids


How writing a journal can help kids – top tips

Have a look at these top tips on how writing a journal can help kids – can you encourage this?


Provides a Healthy Outlet

Growing children have a lot of energy, and if channelled in the right way, it can help transform their personality, their skills and their overall selves. It can also spark the creativity inside of them and get them interested in reading, writing and other forms of creative expression such as doodling, colouring and art. A journal gives them space and a place to share their art and ideas, their drawings and their poems it allowed their creativity opportunity to emerge.


Boosts Writing Skills

This one’s pretty straightforward- journaling can actually help boost your kid’s vocabulary and writing skills. His her written communication skills will become exceptionally better, and he’ll also automatically understand the concept of storytelling through words. Regular writing can also improve his vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and so much more. This doesn’t just mean better academic growth for your little one, but personal growth as well. My daughter has a blog she uses almost like a journal and it has has done absolutely wonders for her written and communications skills. Any writing or reading is to be encouraged in these screen addictive times!


Helps Deal With Feelings

A lot of times, children have trouble handling their feelings and tend to get overwhelmed. Oh my! Doesn’t this happen to us all!  They may also not be able to differentiate between different emotions and may be unable to make sense of them and understand where they stem from. Journaling can help them make sense of those emotions, and deal with them better. Putting emotions down on the paper can help kids express their fears, concerns and other emotions in a much better way. That’s not all- several studies have shown how journaling can help reduce the intensity of emotions one experiences and can help them deal with those emotions in a much better way.

Expressing feelings is always better than bottling them up and journalling is a constructive safe and socially acceptable way to do this. Long may this continue it could help avoid of  a lot of strops int those teenage years form pent up feelings spilling out (onto you!)

Offers a Fresh Perspective

Kids who journal also get a fresh perspective on their problems and issues. When they put their feelings and experiences down on paper, they get to view it from a third person perspective, and understand those experiences with a sense of ‘detachment.’ This can be particularly useful especially for children who are extremely sensitive and those who are more prone to anxiety and stress.

Some studies have found that journaling can put one in a state of mindfulness, which can instantly calm you down, help you sleep better, and take your intense emotions lightly.

That said, just shoving a blank journal in your kid’s face and waiting for the magic to happen isn’t going to work. As a parent, you need to equally participate and explore the path of journaling with your kid, encouraging him to record his experiences that will one day, turn into valuable memories for him. Perhaps you need to give them sparks and ideas, encouraging them to document their day, things they are grateful for, a description of where they visited, their fears and worries, what they are excited about. It’s fine to prompt – they can always ignore you.



If you want to encourage your children to write freely and be expressive it is important they have privacy. Their journal needs a home away from the prying eyes of a sibling and you must not peek at it either. It di important that children are allowed their own space without it being invaded,


The benefits of journal writing for kids

I hope you have enjoyed my post on – How writing a journal can help kids – and oue rexploration of the benefits. As an outlet it can be hard to beat a non judgemental always available journal! I would like to tell you al little bit about my book Create Your Own Happy.

Some fabulous journals for kids

5 a day gratitude journal for kids

Journal sparks – to spark up journalling ideas

A nature journal for kids

Scribbles and doodles kids journal



Arrow bullet journal


bullet journal for kids


Bee bullet journal

My experience of writing a  journal as a kid.

I wrote a diary for a long time as a child but it want really a record of events, I would wite worries about friendships and what I felt. I would write about things going well or embarrassing or scary things too. Then later as a teen I would write my angst into poetry. I would write about experiences that were new to me and feelings I did not understand. How very precious my journals were.

Who knows where they are now but at the time my journal was undoubtedly one of my most trusted friends and precious. A way of talking to myself without censure or judgment. We all need to be able to do that.

Create your own happy

Create your own happy is a happiness boosting book for kids that I wrote with Penny Alexander. It is packed full of ideas to help a child develop robust tools to keep their emotional wellbeing strong and strengthen their capacity to take care of themselves.  It si fun and interactive and each of the happiness activity have a lovely  quote to go with. Each activity is also underpinned by science so kids can understand the WHY of the activity. It s a great way to help children develop important growth mindset skills. They will also learn to take some responsibility for their own happiness

You can buy Create your own happy from all good bookshops and you can find it here  on Amazon


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how writing a journal can help kids

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