Seeing Double and Loving It: Today’s Top Tech Just for Moms of Twins

Top Tech for Moms of Twins

There is an old saying that states one baby takes up all your time, and two babies can’t take any more. That’s the joy in having twins. Two babies entertain each other allowing their parents to have a little extra time to just enjoy watching them play. There is, however, twice as many nappies to change, baths to give, and mouths to feed. Twins can be challenging and rewarding. In this age of technology, there are apps to give you advice, tell you what to expect, and explain how to deal with parenthood. These apps can be very helpful for parents on the go.


Top Tech Just for Moms of Twins

Growth And Development Tracker

Expectant twin parents want to know how their babies are developing and what is happening at any given time in their pregnancy. The WebMD Pregnancy app has a number of great features parents will love. In addition to a slew of tips from A through Z, the app features a kick counter, symptom tracker, journal, place for belly photos, and a contraction timer. Keep yourself in good physical shape, and connect and share experiences with other pregnant moms. You can also choose to share your pregnancy data with researchers.


Record Your Experiences

An excellent recording app for your smartphone allows you to record your phone calls with Grandma and Grandpa and play them to the two little babies you are carrying. Grandma can sing a song over the phone and Grandpa can tell a story. Your little ones will be hearing the voices of family who love them while they are awaiting the day they enter the world. Record shopping lists, reflections on your pregnancy, and your doctor’s instructions. Learn more about this app and how it can make your pregnancy experience more fun and rewarding.


Twin And Multiple Baby Tracker App

Not sure which baby you fed 20 minutes ago? You need this app if you have twins, triplets, or more. It keeps track of each baby. With Jumelle you can track wet and dirty diapers, the time and quantity of food eaten, and the sleeping habits of each child.  A built-in night light makes it easy to record information in the dark. This handy Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker app allows you to keep notes on each baby’s teething experience, sickness, and milestones. All of baby’s first events, such as smile, steps, and words can be recorded and exported to share with other family members, your child care giver, and the pediatrician. From feeding to diapering, Jumelle keeps track of everything you need to know.


Camera App

You’ll be taking hundreds of baby pictures, and you’ll want a camera app that has versatility. Snapseed is a great app for both iPhone and Android phones. It has a powerful editing system to make your baby’s pictures look their best. You will enjoy using the fun filters and adding cute borders to your pictures. Once your photos are polished you can share them through Google+ or by email.


With twins you’ll have double the fun if you choose to use any or all of these apps to enhance your parenting experience.



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