Can I stay in touch with relatives abroad cheaply?

If you have family abroad it can get costly trying to stay in touch. It’s important to share important moments and occasions but we don’t want this making too much of a dent in our pockets. There are a variety of options out there and although it’s nice to write a letter or send an email it’s even nicer to speak to your international relatives over the phone. But how can we keep the cost down to a minimum?

Cheap phone calls are an important part of keeping in touch with our loved ones. Whether you need to make the odd call abroad here and there or you are on the phone all day long, there’s a deal for you. There are all kinds of deals and often you can just add something to your existing price plan.

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If you only call abroad a couple of times a month, you don’t need to pay for a full on international call plan to be able to get cheap phone calls. You can simply buy an add-on to your existing plan. You can then call your family, day or night, and not worry about the hole burning in your pocket.

Also, did you know it’s not just landlines that you can call cheaply? You can call mobiles abroad for cheaper too! Usually calling a mobile phone abroad is something we all avoid like the plague, but, we can now call these for a much cheaper price too – making it easier to stay in touch with children on gap years who are travelling, or just relatives that are never at home when you can call. It’s so much nicer to get peace of mind and call family rather than sending emails and letters.

For those of you who can’t stay off the phone, you can also get cheap phone calls calling abroad. There are deals out there designed especially for you – the phone hoggers! You can call 199 different destinations on the cheap. That means you can call all those family members all over the world, day or night, and not be spending a fortune.

If you’re unsure how to get cheap phone calls, visit the BT website for more information. You’ll be surprised how cheaply you can keep in touch with family or friends abroad. For those of you with children who have gone travelling, you could stay in touch every day for peace of mind!


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