Budgeting when off work

Today – Budgeting when off work

Health and safety at work is given higher priority than ever before but accidents inevitably do still happen. If you get hurt, then you may have to leave your job, which can result in financial difficulties.

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Budgeting when off work

Those involved in workplace accidents often find that the injuries they end up sustaining can last for a long time, leaving them with little choice but to take time off work. In the UK alone, there are 1.1m workplace injuries and illnesses that take place each year.

When off work with no income to speak of, it’s important to make do with what you do have. Buying food from budget supermarkets, reducing how much you buy,  switching to a cheaper energy supplier and cutting back on luxuries like subscription TV and takeaways can all help to make whatever money you’re given in sick pay by your boss last a little longer.

If you’re completely broke, you may have to take more drastic measures to ensure you have the means to live without fear of not being able to afford the bare essentials. You may consider getting legal advice if the money given to you in the form of statutory pay isn’t sufficient  to live on.

After suffering an accident at work, you will want to receive medical attention, but you could also receive some advice from experts. You may like to know that first4lawyers.com give accident at work advice on what to do if you’re subject to an injury or illness while on the job.

According to their website, workplace accidents are pretty common. The NHS state that as many as 700,000 in the UK alone are hospitalised by accidents at work. This means that many people whose injuries are of a serious nature could find themselves seriously out of pocket.



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