Thinking about going on a cruise?

Thinking about going on a cruise?

I have always fancied a cruise but haven’t yet been on one.  I’ve been looking at deals on Virgin Holidays Cruises  and I have to say they look really inviting.

There are lots of things I find appealing about the thought of being a on a cruise. Cruise food sounds so brilliant – no really don’t laugh…anyone I have ever known who has been on a cruise has come back and completely raved about how absolutely fantastic cruise food is and how their are endless amounts and it looks so pretty. I think it’s great that it is it really helps you know where you are at with your money.

I love the fact that you cruise to various places so you aren’t just stuck in one place but you also aren’t stuck in boring airports or coaches as you go between places either. Instead you are basking in sunshine in the middle of the ocean instead.

Thinking about going on a cruise?

Thinking about going on a cruise?

I probably have watched far too many Agatha Christie films but I always thought I would have some adventure or other on a cruise too or some romance (not these days obviously or my hubby may be a bit concerned!)

I do wonder about taking the kids on a cruise and actually I think they would love it so much to do and we would be able to give them quite a lot of freedom too whilst on board. They could t excatly get lost!

Would you go on a cruise? I love the kind of Vegas style shows you get on cruises and I love the idea of meeting other people and travelling with them too. I think it could well work for me.

I would like to go somewhere I have never been like Egypt and cruise the Red sea. I would like to see the temples and visit the pyramids. I would like to browse around the markets and maybe have a camel ride. My kids haven’t yet even left the UK yet so how exciting would this be for them…. can you imagine? The whole experience would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

So yes I am thinking about going on a cruise and whilst researching cruises I have found out they do special Disney cruises too! How cool.

What are your plans for holidays this year? Are you Thinking about going on a cruise?







  1. sheryl
    January 16, 2013 / 8:22 pm

    cruises are fab particularly for young kids, the clubs are brilliant. We started going when our dd was a baby and she was spoilt in the night nursery, very under-used facility. It’s not so great now she is a teen, the clubs are not cool! the inclusive icecream and coke goes down very well though!
    Not advisable to go to the egypt region just now, because of the tension in the area, but the med is a great place to start.
    Dont be afraid to make your own arrangements for trips off the boat, the organised tours are often expensive and you spend most of your time queuing and waiting for other people.
    And yes the food is lovely, the entertainment generally as good as anything at the British seaside and the all-inclusivity a real advantage. Book a cabin as far towards the top of the boat as possible, and the bigger the ship the better to avoid sea-sickness. Have fun!

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