7 Best Car Games to Play with Kids

If you are an occasional driver you may not be very au fait with the best car games to play with kids but don’t worry, I have you covered.

Perhaps you only drive when on holiday or perhaps some one has lent you a car for the weekend. There are a few things you will need to do to prepare for your temporary driving spell and one of the first will probably be to purchase cheap temporary car insurance

The second is get your car ready for the kids!

You might want to consider sick bags and snacks and a few books too, especially if you are going some distance. But the one thing every family needs who are heading out in the car with kids needs is some great car games to play with kids.


Best Car Games to Play with Kids

Here are some of my favourite.


Who am I?

Someone is IT and they decide in their mind on a character they want to be. Everyone gets to ask them questions to which the answers can only be yes or no. This is lots of fun and surprisingly easier than you think. Questions might include:

Are you alive?

Do I know you personally?

Are you real?

Are you a person?

and so on… keeps everyone buy for ages!


I went to market

An age old memory game and a goodie. You state what you bought at the market  then the next person also states what you bought and adds on one more item. The next person has to remember both items then add their own. This continues until someone forgets  something on the list, We make it fun by being really silly e.g ‘I went o market and bough a goldfish with a pink moustache.’

I spy

I spy is always a giggle – specially with little kids whose spelling might be a little off. I recall trying to guess for absolutely ages something beginning with C to finally twig my child meant SKY!

The number plate game

How about having a go at making  up words or sentences from the letters on car registration plates?

The yellow car game

Set a time for 15 minutes and play the yellow car – the person with the most spotted yellow cars  at the end of the time wins, but there has to be utter silence (gives you a little peace!)


Best Car Games to Play with Kids

Scavenger hunt

Create your kids a scavenger hunt and have them tick things off as they see them. The list might include  high vis vest,  an Edie Stobbart lorry, a dog in a car – obviously it takes a little planning as you need to create the list before you set off and think about what things you might see on the way!

Story rounds

Everyone says a line of a story with the next person following on. Can be such a giggle. gets very daft very quickly!

The Wave Game

Who can get the most waves over the course of the journey (drivers are not allowed to play!)


So just a few ideas for you to be going on with of the best car games to play with kids, do you have any to add?


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