4 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Fashion for Your Baby

If you’re concerned about humanity’s carbon footprint, supporting clothing companies who advocate for slow fashion and sustainability are probably already on your priority list.

But choosing cotton, wool, bamboo, and cashmere baby clothes over nylon or polyester isn’t just better for the environment – it’s good for you and your baby, too.


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1. No Harmful Chemicals

You probably already know that mass-produced, mainstream clothing is an environmental disaster, but did you know that more than 8,000 synthetic chemicals go into the clothes most people wear without a second thought every day?

Some chemicals make their way into our clothes before they are even manufactured. Cotton is sprayed with toxic pesticides, while polyester, acrylic, and nylon are made with harmful petrochemicals.

When clothes are being manufactured they undergo a series of harsh chemical processes – like bleaching, dyeing, and finishing. Trace amounts of these chemical residues then rub against your baby’s skin, causing contact dermatitis, rashes, and more.

Only choose clothing companies that use certified organic cotton, and look for brands that use ‘green’ dyes that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

2. Ethical Labour Practices

Sustainable and slow fashion practices take the people who make your baby’s clothes into account, too.

Although it’s easy to forget that developing countries have much lower labour standards when you’re half a world away, mainstream clothes are usually made by people who work in inhumane conditions, have endless working hours, are exposed to dangerous levels of pesticides and azo dyes, and earn a pittance.

To make matters even worse, the fast fashion industry often uses forced or child labour to meet the worldwide demand – that’s how they can produce a huge quantity of clothes quickly and cheaply.


Sustainable Fashion for Your Baby

3. Natural Fibres are Biodegradable

Currently, there is a huge global problem with textile waste. Landfills are filling up with it, and manufacturers are even resorting to burning their excess inventory in an attempt to make the problem go away.

Natural fibres like wool, organic cotton, and cashmere will break down naturally over time – so clothes made from these materials won’t end up contributing to landfills. On the other hand, nylon, acrylic, and polyester can take from 20 to 200 years to biodegrade.

4. Sustainable Clothing is Durable

As a mum, you already know how important durability is when it comes to your children’s clothes. Because babies and toddlers are messy creatures, their clothes will need to be able to take being washed again and again.

Buying sustainable clothing from a company that follows slow fashion principles means that your baby’s clothes will be more durable because they are made with more care. The materials used will also play a part, though – organic cotton, wool, and cashmere are extremely long-lasting, robust materials.

Clothes made from wool and cashmere are so durable that they can even be passed down through generations.

A Greener Option

Did you know that 20 percent of all industrial water pollution worldwide comes from the textile industry? And another blow to Mother Nature is that clothes made with harmful dyes and chemicals ultimately end up back in the environment.

By supporting sustainable fashion, you can reduce your family’s carbon footprint and make a difference.




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