Old style fun and games.

Life should always contain fun and games.

I was playing draughts a few days ago with my son who has just learnt to play and it took me right back. I used to spend huge amounts of time playing games as a child. Draughts and scrabble were probably my favourite  and those boards got so much use at my grandads the draughts ridges were almost smooth and the letters were wearing off on the scrabble tiles. Whatever those sets cost they were worth it 50 times over.

old style fun and games

Playing board games is so social too. Grandad would play draughts and cards at the pub  and not drink much but have  a great time with his friends. Game playing can be an inexpensive way to socialise.

My granny used to play bingo, not online bingo, that was WAY before her time.l .She and her girl friends would get all dolled up and head off down the bingo hall. They would have a high old time drinking tea or half a shandy having a gossip and a giggle and playing a couple of rounds of bingo.

Times have changed. Bingo is ever popular and bingo halls continue, it’s played online now too.

Kids still play games often online too, on their DS and on the play-station. Our scrabble set is very shiny and new looking I am sad to say but my son has great fun playing Wii games with his friends and his Grandpa did recently teach him to play chess.

The social aspect of playing games is always important, sharing, turn taking, learning to lose and wingraciously. Its also all about  learning skills and keeping our brains sharp. But most of all playing games is an outlet for you to have fun.

Make sure there is a bit of time to play in your life and to have a giggle.


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