A really flexible way to earn

It can be very difficult to find a really flexible way to earn and it makes it so limiting for so many people.

Becoming self employed is one way to create a flexible work base for yourself.I am self employed and make my living as writer and the main reason that I do this is so I can work around my children.

A few years ago I wrote a book called How to afford time off with your baby

My book was packed with ideas of ways to save money when you had a baby and it also suggested ways to earn.

I wish I had heard of RedWigWam when I wrote me book. It is such a great concept.

RedWigWam provides a way to earn that the traditional work market place doesn’t and I think it is fascinating!

I am so excited to tell you about it.

At Red WigWam workers work as much, or as little as they like.Their roles fit perfectly around childcare an area I know a lot of my baby budgeting readers struggle with.

Their jobs also appeal to students after a bit of extra cash, or even retirees who aren’t quite ready to give up work yet!

So what are they?

Essentially RedWigWam is an online platform that matches fully vetted and validated workers who have the right skills and time to flexible, part-time and temporary jobs. From admin, cleaning, customer service and catering their are lots of local part time or temporary jobs waiting to be filled and you work as much or as lttle or sporadically as you like.

You get paid within a week and they sort out all the tax and NI too.

I think it is a great idea and it costs nothing to sign up so it is well worthy of exploring.

Working with RedWigWam really is a flexible way to earn.








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