Saving money on your baby food

Today – Saving money on your baby food

When you buy baby food where do you go? Are you all about baby led weaning, organic, and buying local? Or do you buy purees in a jar? Do you go to your local Tesco? Or your local market? Do you grown your own?

saving money on your baby food

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Saving money on your baby food

Gosh I had so many different avenues. I began with an organic veg box which I loved but couldn’t really afford. I bought up the local market but the fruit and veg never got used up in time and it felt like a waste. I shopped online for organic veg, bought regular fruit and veg, poached some from my Grandma’s garden and even had a try at growing my own. In the end I started buying jars of puree too from our local chemist in emergencies and big batch loads from supermarkets. My lovely mum used to help too, she would make things like macaroni and cauliflower cheeses for the freezer.

Having very little babies (3 and 5 lb born) I was very nervous of baby led weaning (unnecessarily I think in retrospect) I was a puree queen! I felt like I was forever puree-ing but I did use a fair few jars too and I think I bought hundreds of bags of rice cakes and raisins!

Saving money at the supermarket

It would have been really brilliant to know which supermarket was going to give me the best deal on my baby food supermarket shopping, especially now as so many baby brands are Organic and full of fresh natural ingredients. mySupermarket is a brilliant website that allows me to do just that. I can browse the Tesco baby food shelf for what I want and then compare with just the click of a switch what my basket would have cost at 4 other supermarkets. I can then then just proceed to the checkout knowing that I got everything I wanted for the best price. It’s also full of special offers so you can pick up some real bargains at the same time.

Now that is seriously cool and brilliant for budgeting and it doesn’t cost you a penny to check, it’s totally free. So now you know how to go about saving money on your baby food and the rest of your supermarket shopping too!


I do hope my post on saving money on your baby food was helpful. You can find more of my money saving posts here





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