Get Broadband for your Baby

Guest post by Tahar Rajab is a  a British freelance writer


Get Broadband for your Baby

One of the key skills of a good parent is the ability to make decisions based on both the present and future. For example, when buying a house, consideration is made to the current needs of the family but also to the future schools of your child and even whether or not you’d expect him or her to have any siblings in the future. Another example, though slightly less obvious, resides in broadband. Here’s why…


Broadband Benefits for Parents of Babies

It’s probably a pride thing but mothers and fathers are always hesitant to admit an insufficiency in parenthood knowledge and wisdom. Mothers think they know it all, while fathers display intelligence levels that suggest they know less than the child – born or unborn! In essence, parenthood can sometimes seem almost like a science and while being “a natural” may help you do half of the job with ease, the rest requires skill and wisdom.


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These days, the biggest imparter of wisdom can be found in Professor Google. The ability of Google to answer any query you request – other than the meaning of life of course – renders it a great companion for mothers and fathers alike. Rather than making a red faced phone-call to your mother-in-law, asking her how to rid your child of the hiccups, Google can and will answer your question without judging you in the process (well as far as we know they won’t).

As your baby grows a tad in intelligence, confidence and stature, you’d need to teach him or her the fundamentals of knowledge. Now teaching the numbers and alphabet to a toddler is a difficult task, and due to the increasingly decreased lack of attention span innate within each emerging generation, it is one that nowadays almost requires a parade of excitement just to keep them interested.

The internet can provide your kids with a learning aid and entertainment, which in this respect is a valuable rarity. Before you jump for the Argos catalogue in a bid to compare broadband deals however, understand that you should only seek broadband for your child, if you are confident you have the ability to limit the amount of time spent on the internet for your toddler. This is important as educational games on computers should always be a luxury for your child, rather than the main learning facility.


Broadband Benefits of Young Children  

Now your baby is grown up enough to form an opinion about everything, yet at the same time ask questions about everything, the role of broadband in your parenthood will alter. Of course, they’ll now be able to spend more time online in the pursuit of knowledge. This relationship, between child and an educational source in the form of the internet is the perfect partnership – providing that it is one that is carefully monitored and limited to brief daily doses.

Nobody can learn it all while sitting in front of a screen, and too much time online can make a child over-reliant on the convenience of the internet. However, all they need to know, from what’s studied in maths, to science and English can be utilised with an efficient broadband.


Broadband Benefits for your Teenagers

Well you see it’s when your child enters into their teenage years that things become a bit less straightforward. A plethora of material you would not want any human exposed to, will be easily available to your teen. However, if a parental lock can be assembled around your network, some level of hindrance away from the evils of the internet can be implemented.  The problem is, teens are freakishly smart characters and so your grand online protection scheme will probably be infiltrated and deconstructed within days.

Nevertheless, I’m convinced the internet can do more good than harm for a teenager. This however, depends solely on the state of your teen.

Nowadays, the ability to be well-read relies to some significant extent on information received off the internet. If he or she has an inclination to delve into a wide material of information in search of knowledge, choosing to install broadband would be one hell of a shrewd decision.

Furthermore, none can hide from the fact that the internet is a money making machine. Why refuse your child the chance to become acquainted and familiar with such a valuable companion.



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