Making extra money: what can you do in addition to the day job?

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In today’s economy, a lot of people might feel as though they are not able to earn enough in the job that they do during the day, and as a result of this may be struggling to pay the bills at home. If this is true for you, and you want to find ways of making extra money, then this article could be for you.

Deliver things

There are often delivery jobs available in many parts of the country, and the types can vary. If you have your own car then you might be able to deliver parcels – which could even be done on your journey to or from work – and make a little extra money. If you don’t want to commit to something that regular, then a catalogue round could be for you, which is something that you could do just a few times each year for some extra money in your pocket.

Make and sell things

Do you have a creative talent? Maybe you can make greetings cards, or nice necklaces! If this is the case for you, then why not try to sell them? Most towns and cities have markets and craft fairs that you are able to rent a stall at, and if you have plenty of things to sell then you should be able to make a profit. Not only will this give you some extra cash, but it is also a fun way to spend the weekend, and allows you to meet people that you usually wouldn’t ever come into contact with.

Freelance your skills

If you can read and write well, you may want to do some freelance writing and editing. Or if you’re a computer whizz, then perhaps some software designing! There are a number of websites online that can put you in touch with clients who need work done, and then you’re off. Who knows, you may even be able to make a whole new career out of this that you never thought would be possible before. By getting in touch with clients, you could form long term relationships that result in huge financial gains in the future.

Be careful with your taxes!

For any additional money that you earn, you need to make sure that you are paying your taxes. Check out the government website to see what you need to do – it is much better to be safe than sorry, because you may be hit with a tax bill or a fine if you do not do things properly. If you have an especially good year, use an on-demand financial advice service like, and only pay by the hour.

As you can see, there are certainly things that you can do to earn yourself a little bit of extra money, and this means that you needn’t worry if your job doesn’t cover all of your bills – there are always other things that you can do which can help!






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