5 things to remember on the first day back at school

That first day back at school

After six glorious weeks of lazy mornings, late nights and days filled with fun activities, getting back into the swing of things as the new school term starts can be somewhat overwhelming. Parents and kids alike are out of the school routine and there are a mountain of things to keep in mind, from childcare arrangements to uniforms and lunch arrangements. Here’s a list of 5 of the most important things to remember as you adjust to the start of the school year.

first day back at school


Get an early night

The weekend before term starts, try to adjust the kids back into their usual bedtime routines and make sure you get an early night yourself. Tiredness accounts for the majority of tantrums and makes even the smallest stressful situation seem formidable. With the whole family fully rested, you’ll have less to contend with as you’re shuffling everyone out of the door and the little ones will be better equipped for their first day back in the classroom.

Prepare and lay out uniforms the night before

One of the most exciting things about going back to school for my girls is getting dressed in their brand new uniforms and slipping on their shiny new shoes, the likes of which have been strictly off limits until the start of term. If you’ve left it to the last minute or are looking for a pair of quality girls school shoes on a budget, check out the selection of shoes from Tu and their fantastic range of universal uniform basics. Lay out uniforms the night before to avoid frantic searches for lost shirts and cardigans in the morning and place school shoes by the door.

PE kits and book bags

The night before term starts, check your children’s PE kit and book bag is packed and ready to go, and place by the front door. Younger children may also require a change of clothes in their school bag or a pair of wellies for outdoor play. PE kits have an annoying habit of disappearing, so ensure shorts and t-shirts are clearly labelled to avoid having to replace these before the end of the first term – Easy2Name sell personalised name labels that can easily be ironed or sewn on to clothes.

Start the day right

As well as a good night’s sleep, making sure your kids have a full and nutritious breakfast is paramount to a successful day at school. A hungry child will lose concentration quickly, become restless by late morning and irritable come playtime. Get rid of any distractions such as televisions and tablets in the morning and choose healthy breakfast foods that require little preparation such as fruit, yoghurt, wholegrain bread, cereals and porridge. If your child isn’t keen on eating as soon as they wake up, try tempting them with a homemade smoothie packed with nourishing fruit and veggies.

first day back at school


Plan the day

The start of a new term can bring with it many changes, from new classes and schools to after-school-arrangements. Make sure all your children know who will be picking them up and when. If older children are walking home with friends, double check that their phones are sufficiently charged and topped up in case of emergency. Before leaving the house, double check they’ve picked up their lunch boxes or dinner money, water bottles, school bags, coats and PE kits before bundling out of the door.

How will you be preparing for the beginning of the new school year?

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  1. August 10, 2017 / 1:05 pm

    This is a great list. Getting back into the school routine is a tad hard for the kiddos, I tend to start a week or so before so my son gets used to it! Over here they have till end of September to go back to school though, so still over a month to go!

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