9 fun origami projects

Fun Origami projects – a guest post from Red Ted Art

Have you done origami with your kids before? It’s so much fun and the end result is often incredibly cute. We have made origami as greeting cards, to create fun paper toys, as corner bookmarks, and for decoration for my kid’s rooms or around the house. It’s fun to be able to create things with simple a sheet or two of paper.

It is a fun activity for older kids, when they aren’t into finger painting any more. It’s excellent for helping kids (and adults too) practice following directions, because if directions aren’t followed the result will not be the same. I also love how origami is such an inexpensive activity. It’s literally a sheet or two of paper, maybe a marker or pen, but that is it!


 fun origami projects


Here are some of our favourite fun origami projects

  1. These fabulous penguins are just incredibly cute, aren’t they? They are easy to create and make great greeting cards from kids!
  2. These origami cats are so cute I just want to cuddle it! They are two piece, but don’t even need glue to hold them. But the best part? They stand up! How super duper cute!
  3. If you’re not a cat person then you may love these dogs! You can make them with white paper then use a colouring utensil to design them to look like your favourite puppy, I personally love the Dalmatian one!
  4. These origami frogs are just the coolest thing. They actually jump! So after you and your kids have folded and designed the frogs, you can make them jump around the table or even have races with them! Will your frog jump the farthest?
  5. When Finding Dory came out, whales were all the rage in our house. We made a ton of these super easy whales, in all different colours because..well.. they are that easy!
  6. Real bats may creep me out just a little bit but these origami bats are so stinkin’ cute! And even cuter because they are so easy to make!
  7. Origami boats are a perfect way to dip your toes into paper folding. They are also fantastic because you can make them anywhere, anytime, and out of any type of paper. Great for entertaining little ones!
  8. Do you love to send and receive fun mail? I sure do and so do my kids. These adorable envelopes make sending and receiving letters even more fun!
  9. These Paper Star Bowls are so fun! They are easy to make and are perfect for little collect all bowls or even sweetie dishes for a party.

Some may see origami as just paper folding or that it is a super hard craft to learn. It is folding paper but in such a way that beautiful creations can be fashioned and with good directions it doesn’t have to be difficult. We use origami as a un way to make handmade gifts, toys, cards, bookmarks, and decorations. It’s an inexpensive activity, that doesn’t require a ton of supplies and both children & adults can enjoy creating.


fun origami projects is a guest post


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