Simple Play Ideas: Folded Paper Monster

Today –Folded Paper Monster


Sometimes you are stuck  for a while with a restless child with nothing to do and nothing to play with …maybe you are waiting for a meal in a restaurant, stuck in a dentists waiting room. A restless bored child can be a real pain and you need a few tricks up your sleeve to keep them occupied when you have little to hand.

A simple paper game is what you need. I bet you did this as a child.


Folded Paper Monster

A  piece of paper and a pencil are all you need to have some good old fashioned fun . I always keep a piece folded in my handbag in case of such a contingency. (its also just a really fun game to play at home too.)

  • Basically you fold the piece of paper into 4.
  • One of you draws a head on the first fold (it can be a monster, person or animal it doesn’t matter at all and you don’t even have to agree on the theme! )
  • Then they fold back their drawing so just the join to the neck can be seen.
  • The next person draws on the body then folds is back to the can’t be seen.
  • Next one draws legs and just leaves the join showing so the last one can draw feet. If there are just the two of you you just pass it back and forth.

The grand reveal is always tons of fun.

You have no ideas what the other person has drawn but somehow it all comes together. And 1 drawing will never EVER be enough!


folded paper monster


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