What does a 10 year old know about money (we asked Miss E)

Miss E is the daughter of Jen from LoveChicLiving. She is 10 years old and a very clever young lady. Let’s have a look at what she knows about money…

10 year old know about money

Do you get pocket money?

E – sometimes

How much do you get?

E – £1.50

Do you think that is enough?

E – yes

What do you spend it on?

E – Save it, sometimes spend on books and magazines

What do think Mummy earns each year?

E – £34k R

How much do you think Daddy earns each year?

E – £35k

How much do you think Mummy’s car cost?

E – £11500

How much do you think we spend on food each week?

E – £75

What do you want to be when you grow up?

E – Lawyer

What do you think that job pays?

E – £50k

If mummy  gave you £100 what would you spend it on?

E – Books and clothes R

What do you think Being  Thrifty means?

E – spend money well, use it for good causes, make a good living R – no idea

What is your best money saving tip?

E – only buy what you need, only buy one bag of biscuits and don’t waste extra

Do you think we should give some of our money to charity?

E – maybe not money, but items like food and clothing by donations


Well Miss E seems to understand money well and has a clear sense of where she is heading in life. First child yet to be happy with her pocket money too! Nice work Miss E!


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  1. August 9, 2014 / 6:50 am

    At that age, I was probably eating dirt 😀 Well, kids are growing smart these days. They understand income, limitations and ideals of saving. I am impressed with Miss E’s money saving tips and beliefs related to charity. Or may be it is all about womanhood, we are like born intelligent 🙂 …So so proud of her!

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