7 steps to a beautiful bathroom on a budget

Today – 7 steps to a beautiful bathroom on a budget

beautiful bathroom on a budget

7 steps to a beautiful bathroom on a budget

I love a nice bathroom and think it is absolutely possible to have a beautiful bathroom on a budget

I think it so important to have a bathroom that really works for you in terms of ease of cleaning, storage, practicality and design. It’s a room you will all use dayy in day out and of course your guests will too. It is also a room you wouldn’t change regularly so making it as you want it from the start is a must.

But how do we achieve that beautiful bathroom on a budget?

Here are my top tips:

Colour it up

Bathroom suites and colour have been a no-no for a while now but that doesn’t mean there should be no colour in the bathroom. Turquoise towels, a bathroom mat in candy stripes or a lovely lime coloured print on the wall can all add a real zing to a bathroom. There is no need to be afraid of colour or personality. A bathroom does not have to be sterile.

Think energy saving

Do choose a bathroom suite that has energy efficient products and is kind to the environment, this will save you money in the long run. Over at Twyford Bathrooms you can find the lowest flushing volume toilets available in the UK. They also have a water saving taps and mixes which are great for the pocket and eco-friendly too.


beautiful bathroom on a budget


Regular cleaning is a way to create a beautiful bathroom on a budget

Cleaning might sound a bit dull but it an important part of preventing limescale and substance build up that ages and spoils bathrooms. Bodycare products and soaps can leave behind a lot of residues and this need regularly cleaning away.


Little extras help create a beautiful bathroom on a budget

Little extras such as fresh, co-ordinating towels, a fragrant candle, a pretty soap dispenser and a bottle of air freshener go a long way to making your bathroom on a budget look beautiful without breaking the bank. We have recently started adding a few little air plants into our bathroom too and these look very stylish and break up the white. Gorgeous.

It’s all in the detail.



Storage is important, nobody wants to see your cotton buds out on the surface or your feminine hygiene products. A great storage cabinet and a few wicker baskets work brilliantly to scoop up the mess and make your bathroom look serene. In a small space shelves with baskets add height and interest without taking up floor space.


create a beautiful bathroom on a budget



We all want our bathrooms to smell fresh and be aired and ventilation is important. If you don’t have a ventilation system in your bathroom and are trying to save money then just open up the windows on a daily basis and let the air in. It really works wonders.


It is well worth getting some advice on utilising bathroom space before settling on a design

in many bathrooms, moving a radiator or boiler, or re-hanging a door, can make a real difference too. Bathroom suites are a lot more flexible these days, with slimline designs and clever new fittings to help you do more in less space. Measure your room, check what’s available and you may well be surprised

Hope these tips help you create a beautiful bathroom on a budget that you will be proud of.


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