My top 10 multi-tasking tips

Did you know that Wednesday May 24th is apparently the busiest and most productive day of the year ?

We have summer holidays to book, hay fever in full force and 2 bank holidays to contend with – it is certainly a busy month!


The light-hearted formula for multi-tasking day has been developed by Mike Gardner, a time management advisor for Nature’s Finest, the UK’s no.1 potted fruit brand. He has predicted the most productive day of the year based on factors including sickness, weather, workload, and motivation. His equation suggests the 24th May is when  ‘to-do lists peak in conjunction with motivation and drive to complete tasks.’

Oh I do love days where it all comes together don’t you?

I am a huge multitasker and a very productive person so  I was so exited to be asked to share my top multi-tasking tips with you by Nature’s Finest.

Here are my top 10.:

  1. I write a to do list every day, this way I can see jobs that naturally fall together and clump them accordingly. For example if I have to go buy milk I will post my letters and drop off the dry cleaning on the same trip. If I have 3 phone calls to make I will make them together, perhaps taking the phone into the garden and having a coffee at the same time. Clumping tasks really helps get them done efficiently.
  2. On my to do list I allot time slots to my tasks. This prevents them taking all day and keeps me focussed. Some naturally overlap.  I can do my daily Instagram whilst my YouTube video uploads for example…or I can photograph  all my review products at the same time whilst my good camera is set up.
  3. Waiting time is perfect for multi tasking. I use time waiting to answer email, update my social media and sometimes to write my shopping list or meal plan!
  4. I think it is important to be fit and healthy and it certainly aids productivity. An example of this could be scheduling phone calls as you walk  – a great way to catch up with family and friends whilst getting some exercise.
  5. Setting up an auto text response is also really useful for me. I get a lot of emails asking the same questions and being able to send a speedy pre-written reply saves me so much time. I check my emails once every 2 hours so I can complete all my email tasks at once and don’t keep jumping from tab to tab on my computer. I always combine this with a coffee or water break to to ensure I keep hydrated.
  6.  In order to truly multi-task concentration is key. It is all very well trying to do multiple tasks at once but if you take on more than you have planned it will reach a tipping point. I keep a notebook and pen by my side as I work and if something else comes to mind, unrelated to what I am working on, I simply note it down and come back to it later. This way I don’t lose the thought but it also doesn’t pull me off track.
  7. Thinking ahead is a useful skill when you are busy and  really helps you stay organised. At the start of each month I consider who has a birthday/celebration/anniversary by checking my diary. I then do just one present and card buying trip. I wrap and write all of them in one session and then mark in my diary when to post/deliver. Buying for one at the same time as another saves me so much time! This principle can work for lots of things.
  8. Don’t multi-task if you are doing something new or need to fully concentrate. Multi-tasking is best for routine, straightforward, familiar tasks.
  9. Delegate! Sometimes I realise I am multi tasking and stressed because I am trying to do everything myself. Asking one of your kids to fetch the laundry down as you make tea means you are problem less likely to burn it (and teaches them a lot about independence skills too.)
  10. Choosing compatible, complimentary tasks is important. For example, I can craft and listen to my child recite her tables as these are distinctly different tasks for my brain i.e. practical and cerebral, but I cannot write an email talk on the phone as both are about communication and I get confused.

The above are multi-tasking tips that  work for me but we are all different and I think knowing what we can handle and what works for individuals is key to multi tasking effectively and with minimal stress. I would be so interested to hear your tips, so please do leave them in the comments below.

Nature’s Finest  are championing National Multi-tasking Day throughout their social channels so do pay them a visit and find out what others are sharing too

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  1. May 16, 2017 / 12:12 am

    Brilliant tips! As I’m due with my first in August I’ll be taking on some of this advice as I juggle motherhood, blogging and work!

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