How to get your garden ready for the kids this summer

How to get your garden ready for the kids this summer

Summer is a time for your kids to get some good time with the sun. Your garden will play the perfect host for these types of events, so it needs to be ready. If you have been scaling back on the cleaning out there, now might be a good time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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You can make the place great for kids by:

Reviving it

If you have let your garden go, now would be the ideal time to try and get it back. Stet with clearing all the junk you threw in there when the kids were in school and keep it where it needs to be. If the place is overgrown with weeds, get a slasher and go to work. If it’s dusty, hose it down and get rid of the stuffy air. For good measure, paint and spruce the benches in the areas kids are going to want to stay. If you would like to hire a trade to come and help you then I would recommend getting a few quotes and looking at the general cost. If you would like to see a few price estimates then could provide a good insight.


Installing outdoor play stations

Kids like to jump around over the summer, so make that easy for them. Clear a small patch at the corner for football practice, even if it means that the only thing they can do over there is juggle the ball. If you can, install trampolines right in the middle of the garden and find a vantage point from where to keep an eye out on the kids as they play.

Making it safe

Kids are always running around, so you need to make sure that the places they play in are safe. Get rid of any solid items from the playing spaces and examine the garden for pointy things that might harm them. If you had stowed away some wood for barbecue, you need to put it where it needs to be. Always be wary of accidents and make the area as child friendly as possible. Clear out as much space as you can for the purposes of aeration.


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