6 Solutions That Will Save You from Needing a Guest Bedroom

Solutions That Will Save You from Needing a Guest Bedroom

solutions That Will Save You from Needing a Guest Bedroom

Are you the type that enjoys entertaining and having overnight guests, but you don’t exactly have the space for them in your home? Shuffling your guests home at the end of the visit may not be what you want to do, which is leaving you in a bit of a bind. Not to worry as there are plenty of ways you can create space for guests even without having a dedicated guest bedroom.

Here are six solutions you can use to create that space for overnight guests.

A Stowaway Guest Bed

Just because you don’t have space for a large guest bed, doesn’t mean you can’t still give them a place to sleep. Trundle beds can be a wonderful option for those tight on space. These are in fact a second bed that is stored under a frame. The frame is usually the size of a twin/single bed, so essentially you will have two twin beds.

Look online for a vast selection of pull-out guest beds finished in a variety of materials and colours. For example Happy Beds have these guest beds which range from sofa beds to traditional double and single beds – which have a pull out bed for guests. What’s great about these pull-out beds is that they take up a fraction of the space and so you don’t even need a guest room.

Inflatable Mattress

Inflatable mattresses can be found just about anywhere nowadays and come in both queen and twin sizes. These are meant for people who are very tight on space and are looking for a temporary solution to use just while the guests are there. These mattresses can quickly be inflated and then deflated and stored away after guests leave. The bed can lie on the floor; some come with collapsible frames.

Pull-Out Couch

If you plan on hosting overnight guests on a regular basis you may want to invest in a pull-out couch. Just be sure you measure properly so you know the couch can open to the size of the bed in the room it is placed in.

Transform Your Home Office

If you happen to have a home office, this can act as the perfect guest space. You can use any of the above sleeping solutions as long as it fits into the space. The nice thing about a home office is that usually there is some sort of privacy, which means guests will have a quiet space for sleeping.

A Wall Bed

Wall beds, which are also called Murphy beds, are an excellent option as well. These beds fold away into the wall so they are out of sight and out of mind when not in use. When you want to use the bed, simply pull it open from the wall. Keep in mind this can be a pricey option.

Shuffle the Kids Around

If you happen to have kids then you may want to consider offering up their room as a temporary guest room. You can move the kids to your room and use an air mattress on the floor for them.

Get Creative with the Sleeping Arrangements

Just because you don’t have a dedicated guest room doesn’t mean you can’t host overnight guests and give them a comfortable space to sleep in.


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