The Cot is Dead, Long Live The Floor Bed

The Floor Bed

Historically, one of the first things that new parents would shop for was a new cot for their unborn child. This was the case for generations, as cots provided a secure environment where children could sleep in a separate room to their parents. The popularity of cots has diminished in recent times, however, as more viable and cost effective alternatives have begun to emerge onto the consumer market.

The Floor Bed


The Floor Bed – Its Benefits for New Parents

One of the most prominent rivals to the cot is the floor bed, which enables infants to sleep in comfort and in closer proximity to their parents. Consider the following benefits of floor beds and the reasons behind their burgeoning popularity: –


Additional Space and Comfort: A floor bed is essentially a large mattress encased in a wooden structure, which instantly affords children greater levels of space and comfort. This may prove crucial in guaranteeing them a soothing night’s sleep, while the fact that the mattress can be stored away under your own double bed during the daytime will also maximise the floor space at your disposal.


Cost and Longevity: The small and compact nature of cots often forced parents into purchasing rigidly sized mattresses, which boasted limited lifespans and minimal long term value. Floor beds offer parents the opportunity to buy larger and more suitable products from reputable suppliers such as the Odd Mattress Company, however, while also ensuring that consumers can spend more in the knowledge that the product will last for longer.


Maintaining Close Proximity to your Children: Unless you intend to teach your children the value of self-soothing, it is important to maintain close contact with your new-born infant. Floor beds therefore offer an ideal solution, as they can be placed in the parents’ bedroom within sight and reach of a responsible adult. Studies have suggested that this helps children to settle quickly in the evening and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep as a result.



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