Establishing my home office

I have worked from home for a really long time now, almost 10 years. There have been various incarnations of this but for the most part, I have worked as a writer /blogger. This means hours and hours at my desk – which very sadly is facing a wall in a  tiny corner of my kitchen.

Not the most inspiring of places to work and something I most assuredly need to fix.

I long to have my own space where I can put down my notebooks without my kids putting their homework down on top of them!

I long to have an office I can lock so no one can just jump on my computer because it’s on and convenient.

A home office is what I need and one with a door that shuts out the rest of my family!

I  have a tiny room in mind, it is just a very small space really under the stairs and it would need a window fitting- but it would ( absolutely) be big enough for what I needed. I would definitely want a sign for my office

Establishing my home office


Whilst I am at it I think I could probably do with making a name bade too,

Just to really get the message across

I made this office sign and the name pin badge over at such a fab sign making site and you can easily customise any design for any kind of sign and see what it looks like before you order. So easy to use and a lot of fun!

Joking aside my own office would bring me peace and privacy and personal space that I absolutely crave. I think creating my own home office is something I really need to do for my emotional health nd well being. I also sure t would aid my productivity as I would be far less easily distracted  ( by the kitchen food cupboards.)

Working from home would certainly improve.

Do you work from home?

Do you have your own home office?



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  1. March 4, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    I just start to write my blog and work from home. and it is usually done in kitchen desk or on sofa. and I am starting to think about my own desk at least in the same living-baby playing room (but just starting, and I don’t have any place where to go without them).. it is definitely hard to concentrate in such atmosphere.
    When I worked for company (now I am on maternity leave) and sometimes worked from home, it was easier, as I didn’t have kids that time. I also used my living-room sofa, but all other was the same as in office- casual dress-code, make-up, cup of coffee. For me it was easy that time. now, when I have 1 and 2.9 year old kids in the same place and time it is hard. will see..
    home office would be great option. 🙂

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