Brilliant Bargains at Groupon


Let’s take a look at  some brilliant bargains at Groupon

Sometimes I open my inbox and just take a big old sigh. Sometimes though it really makes me smile.

I get loads and loads of emails do you? And, to be honest, a great many of my emails are promotional and annoying. I am forever unsubscribing from things I wasn’t ever sure I signed up for in the first place. Do you have this problem? Some regular emails though are really welcomed. For example, I like to know what is going on in my local area, I like updates from blogs I read regularly and I  do like to hear what Groupon have to offer.

Groupon is a wonderful place to shop and if you haven’t used it I urge you to take a peek. You can get some brilliant deals – and definitely some unexpected ones.


Shoe Shopping via Groupon

Did you know Groupon had discount codes for various stores?

Well, they do – and very handy they are too.

We are on the lookout for school shoes at the moment, we pretty much always are, my kid’s feet seem to grow so fast. There are some great deals at Groupon for Clarks with more than 20 discount codes currently available. These codes offer a range of discounts for example 20% off full sized boots to free delivery over £50 and free collection in store. Being able to find codes and offers like this is super helpful. Would you think to look at Groupon for discounts at Clarks shoes?  You’ll be amazed at the breadth of what Groupon has to offer.

Bargains at Groupon




What else do Groupon have to offer

Groupon have amazing deals on holidays too – from short breaks in hotels to glamping weekends, shorts stays overseas to charming B&B’s. My aunt is forever heading off on inexpensive trips away and having the time of her life in the process. It has really  opened up affordable travel for her,

Groupon also sells experiences – from paintballing to massages, teeth whitening to recording your own CD, and you can get absolutely bargain prices on these, all in your local area. I recently purchased a teeth whitening experience for £99 rather than £300…an absolutely brilliant saving.

Groupon also sells products. I bought a £5 knotted mermaids tail blanket via Groupon at  Christmas, making a huge saving compared to other places I had been searching for one.  I was very pleasantly surprised. I have got my eye on a Vera Wang perfume at the moment that is £21 reduced from £50 – a whopping 56% saving. Now that is fabulous, isn’t it? What lovely Mothers day gift this would make (for me!)

Groupon also have brilliant discounts on events and shows from comedy nights and theatre to air shows and food exhibitions, with some great savings to be had on all of these.

Groupon is a great place to find out about things available or going off in your local area and it is absolutely brilliant when it comes to finding local eateries with some really good value deals.

So yes!  I say get yourself subscribed,  from school shoes to show times there are some great deals to be had.


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