5 Thrifty Tips for Christmas

Thrifty tips for Christmas

Here you go, five thrifty tips to help you out this Christmas!


1. Rather than taking your child to see a bored  Santa why not get a personalised video for them FREE from The Portable North Pole. It will save you £’s they can enjoy it again and again and it really is so well done, (saving £2-£10)

2. Rather than buying big tubs of chocs to take with you when you go visiting save money and be a bit more original and take something homemade.  Shortbread or Cookies are both lovely options and I have some easy peasy recipes for you over at Family Budgeting .

3. Rather than slogging your heart out and spending a fortune making Christmas dinner why not accept an invitation to have it somewhere else? It will save you time money and a whole lot of effort and you can focus more on having fun with the kids. Be sure to offer to wash up though and take some of that shortbread!

4. Why not make your own decorations rather than buying any new ones: paper chains, silver sprayed pine cones, dried orange slices and a bit or red ribbon all look wonderful. These are inexpensive to make and are a really fun activity to do with your kids (and cheaper than soft play!)


Photo credit: Ktylerconk

5. STOP for a moment and before you buy another thing know what you have bought for who already have it written down. I bought someone 2 gifts last year and bought my kids 2 selection boxes another, its easy to do . With your own kids make a list of what you have bought or you could go on adding stuff endlessly!



Wishing you a thrifty Christmas






  1. Becky
    December 5, 2012 / 5:04 pm

    OOh you are organised Jen!!!

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