World of Warriors Review PS4


World of Warriors Review PS4 – and what we thought

World of Warriors if a fun new PS4 game that you can play with friends in a four-player local co-op or you can go online to compete. It launched on March 21st and you can find out more about it here



World of Warriors Review PS4

World of Warriors Review PS4

Here is the blurb for the game…

In a mysterious kingdom far beyond our Earthly realm, armies of the greatest warriors in history are amassing in a world known as the Wildlands.

Romans, Vikings, Samurai, Aztecs, Spartans and many more have answered the call to arms, equipped with their pointiest weapons, fiercest special attacks and most blood-curdling war cries to strike fear into the hearts of up to four players in local or online matches.

Summon fighters from the Temple of Epics to unique arenas where the environment is a mechanic to master in itself – and could turn the tide of battle in your favour.

It is great fun practising all the special moves before being unleashed on your enemy! The battles are great fun too and there were so many giggles in our house whilst this was being played. We have so much more to explore in this game and there.

My kids loved it and cannot wait to explore more of the 8 battle arenas.





The game costs £24.99 and can be downloaded here

The full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer.



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