Playstation Frantics Review

Playstation Frantics Review

PlayStation have just launched Frantics and we were lucky enough to be sent a code to have a go in advance of their launch.

Sometimes my kids think my job as a blogger is totally ace and on occasions like this, I just have to agree.

Frantics is AWESOME!

It is part of the PlayLink range (which is all about bringing people together) and includes 15 exciting mini-games for up to four players competing via their smartphones or tablets. It is super simple to set up a PlayLink game check out the video below.

You simply download the app onto your device and the game onto your PS4.

Frantics challenges players to win ‘crowns’ through a variety of challenges which are hilarious, varied and really engaging.

There is a super cool sly Fox who tells you how that gives players secret missions in a bid to sabotage rivals – so you can freeze your opponents or pass them sticks of dynamite!

We don’t have 4 playstation controllers but awe all have a table t or smart phone and so it was lovely all 4 of us being able to play together. The games were easy to get the hang off and the controls were simple  ( which is a good job  becuase I am an inexperienced PS4 player!) There is also plenty of variation in the games to keep your interest,

Would we recommend it? Absolutely YES! Everyone of us said we loved it and the kids are clamouring to beat us all over agin,

A lovely gift to buy a family with a PlayStation as it is fun for everybody, no matter their age!




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