Chocolate Easter Trees Review


Today – Chocolate Easter Trees Review

Much as I like to eat them, I have to say I do find traditional chocolate Easter eggs a bit dull. They are just so samey aren’t they?

Well, I have just been sent a couple of Easter trees from Prezzybox to review that are spectacularly different and just so pretty.


Chocolate Easter Trees Review

Chocolate Easter Trees Review – oh wow!

These sweet trees are absolutely gorgeous and will add some definite Spring style to your Easter table (as long as they don’t get eaten up super quick!) We had a Buttons tree

and a Malteser tree

The little glass at the bottom of the tree can be personalised (I put my kids’ names on them) and a little tea light is enclosed with your purchase so it can be used later as a candle holder..isn’t that cute?

If I was having a tree just for me (oh now wouldn’t that be just lovely) I would pick a Lindor sweet tree I think and on my glass, I would have written ‘Just for Mummy’ Not that that would work, I’m sure.




There are so many options to pick from too!

  • Personalised Allsorts Sweet Tree £22.99
  • Personalised Chocolate Button Sweet Tree £24.99
  • Personalised Malteser White Chocolate Drizzle Tree £22.99
  • Personalised Haribo Sweet Tree £22.99
  • Personalised Ferrero Rocher Sweet Tree £25.99
  • Personalised Lindor Sweet Tree £26.99

Left unwrapped these tree

s keep up to 6 months

Aren’t they just so cute, and actually these would work for all sorts of occasions wouldn’t they, not just Easter!



OOh and do check out these fab family Easter games for even more fun! And if you are looking for something a bit more healthy check out these healthier easter chocolate nest cookies

I do hope you enjoyed this Chocolate Easter Trees Review


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  1. March 13, 2018 / 11:55 am

    They look fantastic and are such fun. They make a lovely change to normal Easter eggs.
    I love the look of the Allsorts Sweet Tree….Pretty and yummy too x

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