Top 5 Wardrobe Staples for New Mums


Wardrobe Staples for New Mums – a look at the essentials


Wardrobe Staples for New Mums

Wardrobe Staples for New Mums

There are some wardrobe essentials which every woman relies on throughout the year, and that doesn’t change when we become parent’s. What does change however, is what exactly those essentials are, as we have a multitude of new things to consider when buying clothes. Comfort and support are essential as your bodies go through various changes, and shopping affordably is more vital than ever with the high cost of having a new baby. Having a few wardrobe staples to rely on is key to saving time, money and stress not just for a few months but all year round.


Maternity Wear & Comfy Clothes

For parents-to-be, there are so many things to think about, buy and prepare for that they often forget about the things to make their own lives easier. Maternity clothing is often considered early on in pregnancy, with elasticated jeans, shorts and t-shirts to fit comfortably over the baby bump. However, after your baby is born, the maternity wear can still come in very handy as it allows for flexible movement, comfort and support; all very much needed especially whilst your body is still getting back to normal. There are also a range of non-maternity basics such as tank tops, leggings and shirts which are essential to every woman’s wardrobe.

A Big Bag

A large, flexible bag is a must-have no matter what time of year it is. From carrying nappies and kids toys to helping carry the weekly shop, a durable bag is invaluable in many aspects of life. With so many uses it is good to invest in a good quality bag, and there are many on the market from top designers with a variety of useful accessories.



For many mothers, transitional clothing is a key part of the daily routine. You need something flexible and comfy, which is suitable for work, playing with the kids, going to the shops and – when you get the chance – going for an evening out. Tights are one of the top clothing pieces which stay with you throughout the years, with a variety of styles from 20 denier natural tights in the summer to 80 denier woolly tights for the winter. As well as there being a variety of designs and styles for all occasions, tights are incredibly affordable meaning if a pair get ripped (or worse…) they are easily replaceable. Plus, they are fully flexible for any baby bumps!


Nursing Bras

There are many options nowadays for the nursing mother, with adjustable clothing so you can feed your baby quickly and easily without the hassle. However, a recent survey by Xpanda Bra still found that a shopping 31% of mothers stopped breastfeeding due to an uncomfortable nursing bra. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that many mothers therefore don’t consider nursing bras to be that important of a wardrobe staple, and in fact as more hassle than it’s worth. However, with handy drop cup nursing bras you can find your perfect fit quickly and easily from non-wired, underwired and seam free.


Comfortable Shoes – Wardrobe Staples for New Mums

From carrying around the baby bump to chasing excitable toddlers, comfortable shoes are a sure-fire wardrobe essential for every new parent. However, just because you need practical footwear, that doesn’t mean you can’t find footwear which suits your style and fits every outfit. For an everyday shoe, closed-toe is a must, and places such as Debenhams offer a range of comfort fit shoes in a range of styles from loafers to ankle boots.

Through the mess, mischief and mayhem of motherhood, there are of course many amazing memories to be made. Even when you have a few key essentials in your wardrobe to support you throughout the early years, it can make parenting much less stressful and help you keep up with your little ones whilst they grow. Invest in a good bag, get on your comfy shoes and feel confident in your post baby body without breaking the bank.


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