Which toys are the best value for money?

Today – Which toys are the best value for money?

Some toys are just a flash in the pan, one-minute wonder waste of money. And, whilst your child may really REALLY want a particular toy if it is only going to give them very short term pleasure. You really have to question is it worth it.

Which toys are the best value for money?

Which toys are the best value for money?

Last year for Christmas we bought a talking Tiger toy for my daughter which is actually absolutely adorable. It was uber expensive and how much has she played with it? Sigh. She has hardly played with it at all. I am a big believer in investment toys.  I don’t mean toys that will be worth thousands of pounds one day in the future..nope. What I mean by investment toys are toys that are well worth the money you spend on them and that really last the difference, Let me give you a few examples.

Which toys are the best value for money?

This is a good quality scooter that is robust and has a height adjustable handlebar. This means it will last a long time and grow with your child so they will be able to keep it a long while. Scooters are often used daily on the school run so are definitely a worthwhile spend. Scooters also encourage reluctant walkers to get out and about and for you to leave the car at home ( which saves even more money!)  I definitely think a scooter is a great buy and worth every penny

. Which toys are the best value for money?

Board games, especially classics like Cluedo monopoly and frustration can last for years and years. We still have board games from my childhood. They are brilliant at bringing the whole family, across generations together and are the perfect antidote to a rainy day and they can make Christmas!  A good stock of board games is worth every penny and will bring hours/years of entertainment.

Lego has been a FIRM favourite in our house now for years, at 10 and 13 my kids still regularly have a player and their Lego sets are much loved. A box of classic Lego bricks, rather than topical sets is a lovely way to allowing children to use their creativity and imagination. Some children are reluctant to take specific sets apart yet when they build with these classic bricks that is what they expect to do. In this way, these classic sets are of much greater play value then themed sets and hold a child’s interest year after year.

A great set of colouring pens, crayons, pencils and paints is always worth having in your toy cupboards. Children are so much more likely to be creative if they have the right tools to hand and it is ALWAYS worth having quality stationery as it will long outlast the cheaper brands and no kids want to colour with faded/broken felt tips. You can team a set like this with a ream of paper and children can be entertained for hours and hours and hours playing games like hangman, colouring, designing and more.   All the toys featured are from Smyths toys and you can make some great savings at Smyths by taking a look at the latest Groupon deals for Smyths toys Happy play days – may they last for years and years and years.


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