5 Small Business ideas For Stay-At-Home Parents

Business ideas For Stay-At-Home Parents

Small Business ideas For Stay-At-Home Parents

When you first become a parent, you’re planning too, or you’ve been a parent for a few years, you may find it useful to make money in a different way. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with deciding to go back to work when you’re a parent, but this isn’t always what every parent wants to do. You’ll often find that want to be around a bit more, so working from home can be a really great option for you to be able to do that. Whether you’ve always had dreams about launching a local business or you just want to be able to earn more money to help you budget for your new baby, doing your own thing can be a great move for your future. So let’s look at some options you have for doing this.  Of course, in case you want to start a business, it is advisable to find an experienced corporate lawyer who will guide you through the company registration process.

  1. Consultant

First of all, you might like to think about becoming a consultant. If you love your job and you don’t really want to do anything different, then deciding to take that and do it on a consulting basis can be a great start for you. Whether you’re an accountant or a marketer, you will often find that you can do the same work but for yourself. Yes, you will need to be able to drum up clients and focus on earning the money yourself, but that’s going to be the case with whatever home business idea you decide on. So it’s often a good idea to go with something you know a lot about.

  1. Baker

From here, you’ve also got the option of creating something to sell. A great example is baked goods. If you love to bake and you think there’s a local market for what you want to do, then go ahead. This can be the case with any other kind of craft. If you have a passion for what it is that you love to make and you know that you have potential customers lined up, then creating your own goods to sell is always a great option.


  1. Car Seller

At the same time, buying and selling goods is also another option. If you have the money to get started and you’re okay with putting the provisions like motor trade insurance in place, buying and selling cars can work for you. You could buy old cars for cheap, fix them up and sell them on. This can also apply for any passion that you have, such as clothing, books, and any kind of antiques.

  1. Writer

Next, you may also want to think about taking up freelance writing. This is something that you can do on your own terms and make some great money from. If you love to write, then this could be the perfect avenue for you.


  1. Laundry Service

Finally, a really simple business idea could be to set up your own laundry business from home. If you don’t mind doing laundry and you want a business that you can just operate throughout the day to your own schedule, this could be a great venue to your to start out with.


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  1. May 15, 2018 / 10:19 pm

    I love that there are so many options for working from home these days.

  2. bookkeeper Woolloongabba
    June 7, 2018 / 2:28 pm

    A good business man knows when to hire and get outside help for his company to help it grow and be more successful.

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