What’s the perfect credit card for you?

What’s the perfect credit card for you?

I am a bit of lazy when it comes to credit cards and I have to admit I have had the same one forever.

Literally, since I was 20 I don’t think I have ever changed it.

I rarely ever think about changing it and when the thought does occur to me and I have a tiny peek at what might be on offer I get all overwhelmed and confused!

Financial confusion is down to jargon, lack of clarity and lack of comparison and it really does tie people up in knots, doesn’t it?

I suppose every credit card is aiming to get you to sign up to it so they certainly aren’t going to tell you about a better deal, are they?

Confusion over credit cards abounds.

Well it certainly works it’s wizardry on me, so much so I end up putting off making any changes and that is a shame because maybe, just maybe there is something better out there for me.

This really simple and clear infographic courtesy of HSBC explains the difference between all the different types of credit cards in simple and easily accessible language,

Suddenly it is all looking a whole lot clearer.

How useful it is to know this stuff when making choices about our money.

What kind of credit card do you use?

Did you know what all these different types of credit cards were and their benefits? I didn’t I have to admit and I feel a whole lot wiser now.

I strongly believe all financial information should be simple and easy to access so we are empowered in our choices and know exactly what we are signing up for. do have a really good read of this and makes sure your well educated in regard to money – it really matters.



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