What’s so good about TV Beds?

Today – What’s so good about TV Beds?

Life is unpredictable – TV beds aren’t

In life, there are only a few things that are absolutely guaranteed to bring you pleasure. Life, in general, is unpredictable. You cannot always bank on sunny days, or your kids behaving, or a random cheque through the post (though Oh wouldn’t these all be lovely). There are some things in life that you can absolutely count on to bring you joy though. Let’s look at these simple pleasures.

The simplest pleasures

I always love that first cup of coffee in the morning before everyone else awakes. I love long hot baths with lots of bubbles and a really good mystery book. I love to walk along our local canal, rain or shine and I love to sing along to the radio in my car really loudly with the windows open.

It is my firm belief that we should build happiness into our every day and make sure that we make our lives as lovely as possible.

The perfect TV beds

One pleasure I have long loved is watching movies in bed, all snuggled up before I go to sleep. I have recently watched The Best Of Me a gorgeous romance and ah it led to sweet dreams.

I would love a TV Bed.  Do you know what one is?

A TV Bed is a bed that has a TV stored in it which you can raise up or down with the simple push of a button. Yep, it is that simple and that ingenious!  What an absolutely brilliant invention. A happiness bringer for sure.

You can have a look here at the world’s largest range of TV Beds they come in all shapes and sizes, fabrics and colours and they are compatible with practically all LED and LCD TV’s, these beds come cable ready allowing you to get up and running in no time.

Can you imagine how completely lovely it would be to get into bed all warm and cuddled up and simply pop up your TV without having to move a muscle?

What’s so good about TV Beds?

Personally, I really dislike how a TV can ruin the vibe of a serene bedroom design so the fact a TV bed allows it to be hidden away really works for me.  It is also a real space saver for a small bedroom and that is a huge plus for me. I like a home to look as spacious as possible. I think it helps you feel calmer and lighter not to have a cluttered looking decor.

A simple pleasure but one you can absolutely rely on and what a truly lovely way to wind down at the end of the day.



What’s so good about TV Beds? is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on should we get bunk beds


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