My new career as a matchmaker

Time for a new career as a matchmaker

I have had a few career changes in my lifetime. I have been an artist’s model. I have worked for a mental health charity, I have been a music therapist, a social worker, a training officer, a writer, a blogger and a picture framer ( I was the worst picture framer ever in the history of picture framers).

I am not done yet. I have whole list of other careers would like to have a go at.

Let me tell you about one of my career wishes – I would rather love to have a go at being a matchmaker!

I love to watch First Dates and envy Fred’s job as a chief matchmaker in his beautiful restaurant. I also watch the Millionaire Matchmaker, she hooks up unlucky in love millionaires, and there is always drama!

I think I would be rather good at matchmaking and it does look FUN!

I am a sucker for romance so I would definitely be interested in making my matchmaking work. I also like to make a little extra money!

Can you imagine introducing two people who go on to fall hopelessly in love and be each other’s forever person (maybe even get married/have kids/grow old together – sigh) What an absolutely blissful job it sounds.


My new career as a matchmaker

My matchmaking USP

I have to consider if I  were to take on a new career as a matchmaker, what would I do to stand out from other matchmakers? Hmmm, food for thought right? I would definitely have to have a USP and an edge. Well, I have been thinking about his and have come up with rather a fabulous plan (even if I do say so myself)

I think I would have to conduct it a little like the Voice on TV. I think it is such a shame when people fall for looks alone. I think I would have  2 seats back to back that could swirl around. My potential matches would have 10 minutes to chat with each other but would not be able to see each other whilst they chatted. If at the end of the ten minutes, they like the sound of each other they get to turn their chair around.

Possible outcomes

Sometimes they both might turn and end up facing each other and then they would be sent out on a hot date. This would be the best possible scenario

Sadly in some cases no one would turn booo..but they would get to come back and try again another day with a new potential match …and at least no one person would feel rejected.

In the worst-case scenario, one person would turn and the other would not. Oh, that would be sad wouldn’t it? But that I suppose is the Dating Game. The Dating Game would be the name if my matchmaking agency by the way..what do you think? Does this sound like a winner to you?

Or does this sound an especially ruthless way to find a date?

My dating costs!

Mine would not be one of the  free dating sites uk

In fact, mine would be expensive as those chairs would be pricey! It would be £100 a go on my dating chairs ( they would be very plush and you would get free chocs and a glass of champagne in the process of your dating game?) I reckon I could get rich with this matchmaking malarkey!

Now if you pop over to a site like

You might find you enjoy the convenience of dating onlune and for free and as a result, you might think my £100 a pop Dating Game /chair/matchmaker enterprise is not your cup of tea. Each to their own. There are many many ways to find a date. Online dating is increasingly popular, isn’t it? I know many people who have met their partners this way. I have to say  I haven’t actually ever tried it. I do think it sounds a lot of fun though. Perhaps not quite as much fun as my ‘The Voice’ style dating approach though!


Have you dated online?

I would love to hear your stories about your dating experiences, Have you dated online? If so how did it go? Have you ever been a match made (is that even a word?) and would you ever consider coming to ME as your matchmaker and taking a seat in my dating chair??

Do let me know this could be the start of a whole new (love) life for me and it might make me rich in the process! (and I could just see it as a TV show, couldn’t you?)



My new career as a matchmaker is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on how do I sell my engagement ring


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