How family deals harm single parent families #CostOfSingleParentLiving

Are you a single parent family?

If you are you could actually be a lot worse of financially because of it – and not just because of your own earning potential or lack of dual income.

Did you know that ‘Family’ deals offered within the UK are singling out single-parent families, meaning the price of cinema trips, holidays, sporting events and leisure activities could be considerably more for single parents?

I know that sounds totally unjust, and I agree it absolutely is but it is a fact.

Have a little look at the infographic created by PayPlan below to get some idea of what I  mean. I think you may well be as shocked as I was.

How family deals harm single parent families

I am shocked by Flamingoland – it is quite ridiculous, isn’t it? £7 per head difference is a lot of money! It would make me want to grab some stray adult and force them to come in with us to save us money! And the cruise too – wow! It would put you off going. These figures would really add up over a few years too wouldn’t they! The cumulative effect of these costs must deter some single parent families from accessing these services and that is such a shame.


What can we do?

What can we do about this? Well, I always think it is worth complaining through official channels if you think something is unfair and if they get ignored well it might be worth flagging up on social media too. These difference put already often cash strapped single families in an unfair situation and it is really unjust.

Single parent families make up 25% of the families in the UK and bring a lot of custom to the businesses mentioned above. They absolutely should not be charged more and in actual fact, concessions  should be offered to really support these families access these activities and leisure services


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  1. Margaret Clarkson
    April 19, 2019 / 7:35 am

    I’m not a single parent, but I have one child so I do not fit into the two adults/two children deals either. It is annoying and things are geared up for one type of family and yet in reality families take many forms. Thank you for highlighting this issue.

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