The Top 10 Self-Employed Jobs In The UK

Today – Top 10 Self-Employed Jobs In The UK

Working on your own terms can be a liberating experience and some self-employed jobs can be lucrative for your bank account if you keep working at them. Self-employment has skyrocketed over the last ten years and according to Office of National Statistics 15% of the entire UK labour force class themselves as self-employed, a figure that is anticipated to keep growing over the coming years. If you’re looking to become your own boss, here are the best jobs for the self-employed to try for themselves.


Top 10 Self-Employed Jobs In The UK


  1. Freelance Writer

According to Nasdaq, studies suggest that almost half of the working population will be freelancing by 2020, instead of working under management. Freelance writing is a great self-employment opportunity as thousands of writing jobs are at your fingertips on the internet. From blog writing to content writing, every company needs an eloquent writer to help promote their brand and you don’t even need a degree to get going!


  1. Entrepreneur

If you have a unique product idea or a business model that clients will be hungry to invest in, take the plunge and start up your own business; the gap in the market won’t be open for much longer so you need to act fast. Best of all, you can start this business venture alongside your current job until it starts to gain traction.


  1. Interior Designer

Having an eye for beauty is a real skill that not everyone possesses and many people yearn for a chic home interior but don’t know how to pull it off. If your DIY skills are up to scratch and you know how to pull the aesthetic of a room together, a lot of money can be made as an interior decorator.


  1. Personal Trainer

Ideal for fitness fanatics, turn your athletic prowess into a money making career. Personal trainers can charge anywhere between £20-£40 an hour and all that’s needed is a fitness qualification and some basic first aid knowledge. Best of all, you can stay in shape while you work.


  1. Driver

Everyone requires transportation and if you have a clean drivers licence you can charge them for the trip. Uber driving is a great way to earn money as you accept the orders on your own terms. Alternately, consider becoming a driving instructor.


  1. Childcare

If you love working with children, then childcare is the perfect self-employed job for you. As more parents become full-time workers, the more childcare opportunities there are. Childminding can progress to a serious business prospect and with hard work and patience, you could even open your own daycare one day.


  1. Social Media Influencer

Tech skills are sought after in the world of advertising and if you’re savvy with a camera and editing software, you can become an internet influencer. As you grow, companies will pay you good money to advertise their brand on your YouTube channel or Instagram page.


  1. Web Designer

Every business needs a slick website and if you have the skills to create a stunning webpage, then you can make money from it. As your web design skills grow, you can gradually begin to charge more for your services.


  1. Public Relations Consultant

Creative thinkers with a marketing background behind them will thrive as a freelance PR consultant. It will be your job to make an engaging campaign for a certain brand and even organise one of their advertising events.


  1. Building & Construction

Handymen and women can use their skills as a full-time job. There is a lot of money to be made in property; builders, plumbers and electricians can potentially build and sell houses from scratch.


Whether your independent job is part-time or full time, insurance for the self-employed is essential. It will protect you against accidents, illnesses and unforeseen circumstances so that you can continue to pursue your self-employment passion without compromising your income. Have a look at Sherpa to see how this would work for you.


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