What would you do if you won a lot of money?

I often wonder what I would spend my fortune on (if I had one)

What would you do if you won a lot of money?

I do have quite distinct ideas ( can you tell I have thought about this rather a lot?0

Firstly I would want to help out all my family and friends who needed support with housing, debt, holidays, uni fees, planning a wedding and so on. I would really like to lighten their loads in life and give them some treats too.

Next, I would want to support a few charities I really believe in and start a reading programme to help children in my area who struggle with reading. It is so key to get this sorted early.

Then I would secure my kid’s futures by buying up a few properties and setting up strong savings accounts.

Then … onto the fun stuff.

I would buy myself a glass house on a beach somewhere beautifully sunny all year round

I would buy a huge rambling family home with land and maybe a horse and some chickens and a writing studio just for me

I would visit all the places I long to see, Wyoming and Montana, Australia, India and more.

I would have the most lovely writing desk and a wardrobe of gorgeous clothes and a library – sigh- a little library with velvet chairs all of my own.

And a little sports car would be nice too.

Oh it would be fun to be rich!


How to afford this!

Hmm, I would be working for many a year to afford my entire dream list wouldn’t I?

I suppose I could marry a prince but Harry has just been snapped up and the others are all way too young for me!

Do you play the lottery?  I’m thinking a EuroMillionaire win might be very useful. I know many, many people who do…..many people have a little hope each weekend that maybe it will be their day. Over at Lottoland, you can play the lottery in other countries too which add a bit of variety to your lottery fun!*

Me, well I am hoping for a huge book deal one day and to become the next Danielle Steel queen of romance stories and I hope to make my millions that way!

What this space.


*Be responsible As ever I would say with any gambling ( yes even a flutter on the horses or a weekly go on the lottery) that you should always, ALWAYS only gamble what you can afford to lose really comfortably and you know DO be responsible and all that!




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