The family home with no kitchen

You have to watch this…. it’s so funny but really thought provoking and a call to action.

My granny was a cookery teacher and taught my mum and her sisters to cook as children. She became very ill when they were in their early teens and she was unable to ever cook gain. Well equipped these young girls managed to fend for themselves. Cooking is a useful, important, health giving life skill.

Great news…. cooking is going back on the National Curriculum this September after 20 years.  But there has been a big gap and processed foods have filled our lives and few skills are being passed on. This has really made me think. Although I do bake from time to time with my kids there is lot more I could be doing.

I adored cooking at school, did you? I also adored watching my mum cook and learned so much from her.

I’m definitely going to sign up as a subscriber to Ben’s Beginners It is  a fabulous brand new  family cooking channel  which has just launched on you tube. I am so excited to show it you, it is one kids will really engage with. It is full of competitions, how to’s  and recipes designed to making cooking fun. My kids (and I) thought it was colorful, interesting, inspiring and useful.,00005a57ffffa5a8-nd/BB_YT_header_offset_logo.jpg


New research which has not yet been released  shows that 1 in 4 parents admit they have NEVER cooked with their kids. Every child that learns how to cook shares their new skills with at least one other person – and 92% use them at home. I have to say I  only know a few parents who don’t cook or craft much with their kids because of the mess or the time it takes but 1 in 4 is a huge amount. What skills a being lost!

Do you cook with your kids?

For me its an activity we do together rather than an every day occurrence and I think I need to build it more into our day to day. I also need  to make it more fun rather than make it seem like a chore. I do moan about cooking and I need to quit that!

Do follow @BensBeginnersUK on twitter to find out more.








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