Buying children’s books on a budget

Buying children’s books on a budget

My children love to read. People tell me I am lucky that they love to read but I tell them it was a bit more planned than that.


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Books have given me untold pleasure throughout my life. They have led me to learn, reflect and escape but most importantly of all they have absolutely entertained and inspired me firing my imaginations and transporting me to new worlds.



I wanted so much for my children to love books. They were read to every single day of their life until they very proudly asserted that they wished to read to themselves at bedtime. My son flew with learning to read and my little girl needed a lot more support but we did support her day in and day out till she read easily and now…well the pleasure and the knowledge they get from reading is immense.


Buying children’s books on a budget


Buying children's books on a budget

When I was a child we had little money only had a few books but they were so precious to us and my ever resourceful mum used to take us to the library each week so we were well and widely read. The joy of owning your own books though is something special. To dip back in when and as you wish and not to have to give them back. My children both own a lot of books. It hasn’t cost me much. I but y second hand from charity shops and car boot sales, jumble sales and sometimes second hand online.

If I do buy new (and I love to buy then new shiny books with unbroken spines. Well for that I really shop around. At The Works you can get 5 David Walliams books for £14.99 saving £20 in a bundle deal. Now that’s an amazing price and what excellent gifts they make at just £3 each! David Walliams is such a super writer too my kids have read his books time and again always in fits of giggles.

You can get 10 horrible history books from The Works too for just £10 and to my mind such things are better than party bags any day.


Recycling books

I am a big believer in recycling so we always ensure any books no longer wanted are passed to a friend or to  the Oxfam bookshop so they can be recycled.

Encouraging our children to read has been an investment and so is buying them books. But it is an investment I don’t mind in the least and it really doesn’t need to be expensive at all.



Further reading

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