What makes a good fitness franchise in 2021?

If you are looking to invest in a business and pursue your passions for health and fitness, fitness franchises are definitely the way to go. Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry that is expected to grow at a rate of 1.5% consistently until 2022. Fitness franchises are expected to expand faster than any other area of the industry, so 2021 is the perfect time to get involved with a fitness franchise.

What makes a good fitness franchise in 2021?

There is no lack of opportunity when it comes to fitness franchises, as people are always looking for new places to workout or take a fitness class. Fitness franchises have the scope to be incredibly successful, but it is also a very competitive space. This article will help you understand how to make your fitness franchise successful as we guide you through what makes a good fitness franchise in 2021.


fitness franchise in 2021

Become part of the community

The best thing about fitness is that it brings people together. Customers are always attracted to fitness centres or businesses that maintain this community spirit and offer and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for everyone to use. If you are opening a gym, your business will rely on locals, who will hold their memberships for a long time and encourage other people that they know to join. Before you even open your business, you should be getting out into the community and connecting with the people who could potentially use your business. Consider getting to know other local business owners and creating links with various members of the community. For many people, gyms can be intimidating at first, so becoming a friendly face in the community will help to encourage people to join.

Have a good social media presence

One thing that motivates people to keep their gym memberships, even if they don’t always use the gym, is the sense of family that many fitness franchises provide to their members. Customers enjoy belonging to the gym purely to be part of the group. The best way to create this sense of family is to have a strong social media presence that your customers can interact with. Many fitness centres have Facebook pages, on which members can share their fitness achievements or ask questions. Instagram is also a really good way to showcase new classes or equipment and even to introduce new members of staff to your customers. Social media is also a great way to get honest feedback from customers. You could run some anonymous polls on Instagram or leave a link to a questionnaire on Facebook. You can then use this feedback to improve your business and keep customers happy, as well as for franchise advertising as well to boost franchisees.

Establish a brand

Joining a fitness franchise will mean that a recognisable brand is already available to your fitness business. However, you should make sure to establish this brand by following the franchise’s guidelines and sticking to brand colours, fonts and logos in every aspect of the business.

Brands draw in customers because they are trust-worthy and will often already have a good reputation. For example, Energie Fitness are a well-known gym franchise. A gym opening with the Energie Fitness branding will appeal to people who have already heard brilliant things about the gym and they will want to join purely because of the name and branding. When you start your business, it’s important that you make the brand very clear and make sure that you stick to the guidelines that have been given to you buy the franchise as this will make it more recognisable for customers.

Offer unique classes or equipment

If you really want to make your franchise stand out above the rest, you should consider investing in unique classes or equipment that aren’t offered anywhere else. Fitness franchises are popular and you are likely to have competition nearby. People are always tempted by new and exciting fitness classes or pieces of equipment; trying new things is a big part of making fitness fun.

Spin, HIIT and Aerobics have all been done before, so you should try to develop new ideas that can be completely unique to your franchise. Body Street is a franchise that specialises in 20-minute workouts that work everything! These workouts make a nice change from the usual 60 minute long classes and appeal to people who perhaps want to save time. Having unique fitness classes or equipment will give you a unique selling point over your competition, which will help to encourage more customers to sign up.

Fitness franchises for sale are booming and 2021 is the year to get involved. Starting a fitness franchise is one thing, but making sure that it stays successful is another. The most important thing is that your fitness franchise should feel welcoming to everyone who may want to use it. People exercise to feel good and don’t want to feel awkward or intimidated when they arrive. Branding and having a unique class to offer are also both great ways to run a successful fitness franchise.




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